Lucky Cat with Bell Zisha Tea Pet

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Lucky Cat with Bell Zisha Tea Pet
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Yixing Teapet Duan Ni

Duan Ni


Yixing, Jiangsu Province, China


2.2"L x 2.3” H (5.7cm x 6cm)

Note: There may be some differences, since it is hand-made and hand-measured.

Angel's Comment:

Lucky cats are usually regarded as a symbol that can bring luck and wealth.

Lucky Cat (or beckoning cat) is a common Japanese figurine which is often believed to bring good luck to the owner. This lucky cat tea pet is made of Duan Ni, with exquisite craftsmanship, and the cat's expression is lifelike. Its body adopts the "la mao" technique, the hair is distinct with delicate touch. Additionally, it has a little bell on its neck that can be detached, which adds enjoyment.


Raise your tea pet

There is an old Chinese saying, that “soft fire makes sweet malt”. This also holds for seasoning tea pets: they can be “raised” by keeping them on your tea try and pouring tea over them, to nourish the pets. Their cute appearance and maturation in color and texture over time often results in them being a permanent part of a gongfu set.

1. Just about any liquid from the session can be used: the water used for originally warming the cups, the liquid from the first rinse of the leaves, or the leftover tea from each steep.

2. Evenly wipe or pour the liquid over the tea pet. Uneven spreading will result in a dappled appearance. Once dry, you can freely touch the pet however you like.

3. Using a brush or cloth, softly wipe the liquid into the surface of the tea pet.

4. If the pet is stained with dirt or anything else, salt can be used to clean it off first.


Yixing County is known as the Pottery Capital of China for its extensive 6500-year history of the craft. The area boasts abundant resources of argil, tea, bamboo, and charcoal, each of which contributes an important base material for the making of pottery. Yixing Zisha products have earned countless prizes both at home in China as well as abroad, with a few exceptional works presented as national gifts during international diplomacy.

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