Pee Pee Boy Yixing Zisha Tea Pet

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Pee Pee Boy Yixing Zisha Tea Pet
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Teapet Zi Ni Ge Yao

Yixing (宜兴), Jiangsu Province, China


Zi Ni + Pottery + Ge Yao

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3.0” H x 1.2” W (7.6cm x 3.1cm)

Angel's Comment:

Lovely and vivid, love it at first sight and couldn’t part with it.

You will be infected by the tea pet’s vivid expression at the first sight, which lets all your troubles and pressure instantly disappearing, very infectious. Smooth lines and exquisite engraving skills vividly express the details and charm of the little boy, and also embody the innocence of childhood. It makes use of the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction to let the boy “Peeing”. Meanwhile, it also adds unlimited fun to your tea ceremony.

Please note that the texture of shorts on pee pee boy tea pet belongs to Ge Yao, decorated with special cracks, is a natural phenomenon of crazing on the glaze, which results in a unique aesthetic characteristic.

Pee Boy Dimensions

The steps of Tea Pet Peeing:

1. First use boiling water pouring on the whole body of the Pee Pee Boy, so the air inside will come out.

Using Guide 1

2. Second, soak the whole Pee Pee Boy in cold water, wait about 1 to 3 minutes and then take it out.

Using Guide 2

3. Put the Pee Pee Boy on the tea tray, use the hot water pouring down from the head, and then the boy pees.

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