Red Lanteng Porcelain Gaiwan

Red Lanteng Porcelain Gaiwan

Dehua County, Quanzhou city, Fujian Province, China




130ml (4.4oz)


3.6” W x 3.1” H (9.2cm x 8cm)

Angel's Comment:

Classical Chinese red tea set with festive appearance is convenient for us to use.

Gaiwan, one of the best tea sets for Chinese tea, not only make us smell the aroma and view the color of tea liquor, but also be more convenient to handle the brewing time. This Red Lanteng Porcelain Gaiwan from Teavivre use the gorgeous but not vulgar red as the main color and the complex and beautiful Lanteng flowers are painted on the surface, which shows an auspicious and festive sense. This Gaiwan has thick porcelain, slightly outwards rim and slightly bulging lid which puts on the bowl looks full and separates the hot tea liquid. All these intimate designs make us not scald our hands and even for beginners, it is convenient to use.

Gaiwan Dimensions


Located in Fujian province, Dehua County enjoys great reputation for ceramic and porcelain production. White porcelain made from Dehua has bright and pure white color with great light transmission. The ivory white and Chinese white have been well known both in home and abroad since Ming and Qing dynasty. He Zongchao, Lin Chaojing and Zhang Shoushan, etc were the most famous ceramic artists in Ming dynasty.

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