Xi Shi Yixing Purple Clay (Zi Sha) Teapot

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Xi Shi Yixing Purple Clay (Zi Sha) Teapot
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Purple Clay from Huang Long Shan (黄龙山), Yixing


Yixing (宜兴), Jiangsu Province, China




Zi Ni Teapot - 140ml (4.7oz); Duan Ni Teapot - 150ml (5.1oz)


Great for brewing Oolong TeaPu-erh TeaBlack Tea

Angel's Comment:

This is our most popular Yixing Clay (Zi Sha) Teapot for Brewing Teas in Gongfu Way.


Quality Safety Analyzing Report
(No.: Z0028)

Purple clay: The purple clay (Zi Sha) has the characteristics of fast heat transmission and good heat preservation. Teapots made by this material are specifically designed to retain the aroma and flavors of the tea. It is better to use a certain Zi Sha Teapot only for one kind of tea.
This clay is porous when fired and is ideal for the making of teapots. Over time, the clay absorbs the flavors from the tea and releases them later. The teapots have become popular in China since the North Song Dynasty and were traded to many countries.


Features: Xi Shi Yixing Zi Sha Teapot with elegant shape, natural beauty as Xi Shi (西施 the name of one of the four great beauties of ancient China) is a classic style which is the first choice for Zi Sha Teapot lovers. 


Elegant and fluent line, the proportion coordination, all shows the beauty of the full state.  The body of teapot looks like the pure full round face of a beautiful girl.

Xishi Tepot body

Xishi Duanni Tepot Dimension

The spout looks like beauty cherry mouth of a girl, gentle and graceful. It is not only beautiful, but also practical.

Xishi Teapot spout

The pearl on the lid just symbolizes the tuinga of the noble person in Chinese ancient times.

Xishi Teapot Handle

The handle of the teapot looks like a woman’s elegant bun which naturally reveal woman’s lovely figure.

Xishi Yixing Teapot Inside

Xishi Yixing Teapot Buttom

The inside and bottom of the teapot is carefully crafted. 

Xishi Teapot Tightness

Tea liquor is flowing easily and smoothly.

Xishi Teapot flowing smoothly

Excellent air tightness
Press the tiny hole on the lid, downward the spout and no water will leak.

Xishi Teapot lid tightly stick

Pour water full of the teapot and press the spout, downward the lid it will still tightly stick with teapot.


A common Chinese saying goes “In the eyes of a lover, Xi Shi appears”. This phrase means that everyone thinks his partner is as beautiful as Xi Shi, regardless of how they may appear to other people. It is believable that every tea lover and Yixing Clay (Zi Sha) teapot lover will has his “Xi Shi” in his heart.

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