Jing Si Teapot Set with Two Porcelain Cups

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Jing Si Teapot Set with Two Porcelain Cups

The body of teapot is made of Borosilicate Glass, and the lid of teapot and cups are made of porcelain.

Borosilicate glass can bear temperature between: -20℃ to 150℃ (-4ºF to 302ºF)


1 x teapot + 2 x tea cups + 1 x wooden tea tray + 1x tea towel


Teapot - 3.3” W x 2.7” H (8.5cm x 7.0cm)

Jing tea cup - 2.5” W x 2.1” H (6.5cm x 5.5cm)

Si tea cup - 2.1” W x 1.9” H (5.4cm x 5.0cm)


Teapot – 170ml (5.81z)

Jing tea cup - 80ml (2.73oz)

Si tea cup – 50 ml (1.71oz)


Suitable for brewing all kinds of tea

Angel's Comment:

This is a very practical utensil for making tea, with which we can enjoy the tea time both at home or work.



Glass teapot allows the tea drinker to watch tea leaves dancing when they release flavor in the teapot, as well as enjoy the fascination blooming tea balls unfurl their beautiful shape.

The Jing Si Teapot Set includes glass teapot, wooden tea tray, tea towel and two different sizes of cups. The big cup is called “Jing”, which means quiet. The small cup is called “Si”, which means thinking. Hope they can bring a moment of silence and some thinking time. While drinking Gongfu Tea, we fear most is brewing tea too long and then the tea is too strong or too bitter. However, the two different sizes of cups can avoid this. The big “Jing” cup has the same function of tea pitcher, which can avoid the tea steeping too long in teapot.

Teapot Dimension

In addition, unlike other glass teapots, one unique design of the teapot is its lid, including the filter, porcelain lid and wood button. White pouring the tea, the porcelain lid will open automatically, and the tea will flow out through the filter, so as to filter the tea and make the taste of the tea more pure.

Cup Dimension

Safely Shipping: Glass material is quite fragile leads difficulty in shipping. We at TeaVivre carefully pack our glass items with multiple bubbles wrap and use strength five-layer corrugated cardboard box to ensure the safety of the product in delivery.


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