Organic Jasmine Mao Jian Green Tea

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Organic Jasmine Mao Jian Green Tea

Green Tea - Longlin County, Baise City, Guangxi Province, China

Jasmine – Hengxian, Guangxi Province, China

Harvest Date:

April 20, 2024

Tea Scenting:

Four times scenting in May

Dry Leaf: 

The strips are slender and slightly curly, dark yellowish green in color, with a little white fuzz


Jasmine aroma


Light yellow


Refreshing and nice jasmine flower aroma, sweet and smooth

Tea Bush:

Bai Hao tea bush species (30 years old)

Tea Garden:

Yaming tea garden (800 metres above sea level)


Low caffeine (less than 10% of a cup of coffee)


Store in airtight, opaque packaging; keep refrigerated

Shelf Life:

36 Months

Angel's Comment:

The key fragrance note: jasmine; the compound note is sweetness, offering a fresh, refreshing, and full-flavored taste.


USDA Certification EU Certification

This tea is made from organic tea plants from Baise, Guangxi, selecting spring buds and leaves as raw materials, and then scented with fresh jasmine flowers. The tea is smooth and mellow; the jasmine aroma blossoms on the tip of the tongue firstly, followed by the fresh and sweet aftertaste of green tea. It is important to note that using too high water temperature or steeping for too long should be avoided, otherwise, it will taste a little astringent.

Recommend Brewing Method

Cup Method

Chinese Gongfu Method

Teacup: 12oz / 355ml Gaiwan: 3.8oz / 110ml
185℉ / 85℃ 185℉ / 85℃
2g Tea 3g Tea
Brewing time: 3 - 5 mins 6 steeps: 10s, 10s, 15s, 25s, 35s, 45s
Tea Garden

The Yaming Bai Hao tea garden covers a total area of around 1,000 mu of mountainous terrain between 500 and 1200m above sea level. This garden is fully surrounded by woods, and clouds and mist often shroud it throughout dawn and night, helping to prevent the harmful effects of UV rays on the tea plants growing here. To further ensure quality, chemical pesticides and fertilizers are strictly forbidden; the tea garden earned its organic authorization in 2015.

Yaming Bai Hao tea garden

tea garden

tea garden


Guangxi - Green Tea

While China is the hometown of tea production in general, Guangxi is the birthplace of Bai Hao tea itself. The trees here are commonly grown at altitudes between 800 and 1500m, receiving an average precipitation of 1500-2000mm per year and with an average yearly temperature of 16-23℃.

Map of Longlin


Hengxian - Jasmine Flower

Produced in Guangxi, China, the jasmine used to scent this tea has earned a respected reputation nationwide. The most productive area of Guangxi is Hengxian, known as The City of Chinese Jasmine for its ability to produce flowers of both high quality and high yield.

Map of Hengxian, Guangxi

Tea Bush

It is said that the Bai Hao variety is the only tea species versatile enough to be used as base material for all of the six basic types of tea: green, white, black, yellow, oolong, and pu-erh. It is a large-leaf species with elastic yellowish-green leaves containing an abundance of important compounds: one test shows that the leaves contain 3.36% amino acids, 35.6% polyphenols, 4.91% caffeine, and 182.92 mg/g of catechinic acid.

In 1964 a large number of these trees were found growing wild in Lingyun County, Guangxi, with the largest among them measured at nearly ten meters in height with a trunk 25cm wide.

Bai Hao tea tree


List of awards won by Bai Hao tea
1915: Second prize in the Panama Pacific International Expedition
1965: Listed as one of the most improved Chinese tea varieties by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
1984: Classified as a state-level improved tea variety by the Tea Variety Examination Approval Committee of China
1991: Won the title of ‘National High Quality Tea’ by China’s Ministry of Agriculture
1994: Included in the book of China's Famous Tea Selection.
1999: Earned the title of “Premium Tea” in the third National Chinese Tea Trophy Award Competition
2002: Baihao black and Baihao green teas won gold and silver medals, respectively, in the Wuhu International Tea Expo.

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