Squirting Frog Pumpkin Yixing Zisha Tea Pet

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Squirting Frog Pumpkin Yixing Zisha Tea Pet
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Teapet Jiangpo Ni

Yixing, Jiangsu Province, China


Jiang Po Ni (降坡泥)

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1.77” W x 0.78” H ( 4.5cm x 2cm)

Angel's Comment:

This vivid and interesting pumpkin tea pet with squirting frog makes more fun to your tea table.

This super cute and chic water-spraying frog pumpkin tea pet is made of Yixing clay. The pumpkin is made realistically with clear texture. The cute little frog is so vivid and can spray water.

Pumpkin Yixing Zisha Tea Pet dimension

The realistic shape, cute frog, small hand, mouth, eyes, legs, color and lines, all these details are made exquisitely. It is just right to hold it in your hand. You will feel granular when gently stroking it in your palm. It’s very comfortable to play it in your hand, and you must love it
when brewing tea on your tea table.

put tea pet in cold water

The appearance of the bottom: the combination of high-gloss shadows on the surface of the pumpkin, the lines are smooth and natural.

Spraying Water Lively and Interesting

pour hot water

First step: pour hot water on the tea pet
changes in heat bilges makes the air expel from the tea pet.

put tea pet in cold water

Second step: put the tea pet in cold water for 15-20 minutes
to make the tea pet fully absorb water.

spray water

Third step: Directly pour boiling water onto the frog until it sprays water.

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