Handmade Bamboo Joint Gongchun Yixing Zisha Tea Pitcher

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Handmade Bamboo Joint Gongchun Yixing Zisha Tea Pitcher



Yixing (宜兴), Jiangsu Province, China


100% Hand-made, so the body of the teapot may have handmade traces (Note: tea pitcher of 100% hand-made can’t be exactly the same as shown on the picture. So it is normal that in a few cases the tea pitcher may be very slightly different from that on the picture, however, the quality is always the same.)


200ml (6.8oz)


5.5” W x 2.2” H (14.0cm x 5.5cm)

Angel's Comment:

Combining naturally with unique shape and tea set’s primitive simplicity, it gives us a unique beauty.

In the history of Chinese Zisha culture, Gongchun is a pioneering figure and also the first person who is famous for making Zisha teapot. According to legend Gongchun was an official’s Shutong (a boy serving in a scholar's study). When he accompanied his master studying in Yixing Jinsha Temple, he met an old monk who is good at making Zisha teapot. Then, he began to learn secretly. He later copied the huge ginkgo tree’s gall besides Jinsha Temple, which was the shape of tree gall, and made a teapot with the clay which settled on the bottom of cylinder when the old monk washed his hands, and also carved the patterns of the tree gall. After firing, this pot was very simple and lovely, so this kind of Zisha pot which is copied with natural forms was becoming famous and people called this pot as Gongchun Pot.

Tea Pitcher Dimensions

The bamboo joint part of Teavivre’s Zisha tea pitcher, which is the handle of the pot, is modeled the real bamboo joint of the nature, so named as Bamboo Joint Gongchun Yixing Zisha Tea Pitcher. On the one hand, the rim of this tea pitcher body protrudes, thus, the tea liquid flows smoothly. On the other hand, its shape is unique, the handle and body are made of the pure Duan Ni by hand and even on the bamboo joint part, two black nail-like objects are made of Zisha clay, so such simulated bamboo design of handle makes this tea pitcher more vivid. When brewing, with such a unique tea pitcher, you will get a lot of fun during the process.


Duanni is called Lao Tuanni which is common seen in Huanglong Shan, Yixing, Jiangsu Province. Besides being used to make pottery, Duanni also can be grind into fine particles to be used to blend. Being burning Duanni will become yellow in color, with very small amount of red spots. This kind of clay is of loosen and double air hole structure, that leads smooth cross-ventilation. Teapot made of Duanni is such a good choice to enjoy best teas.


Yixing County, the Pottery Capital of China, has a very long history of pottery making for around 6500 years. Yixing boasts abundant resources of argil, tea, bamboo and charcoal, all of which build the important material resource basis for making pottery. Yixing Zisha products have been awarded many prizes both in home and abroad, some excellent works have been presented as national gifts in international communications.

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