Shi Piao Yixing Purple Clay (Zi Sha) Teapot

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Shi Piao Yixing Purple Clay (Zi Sha) Teapot
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Yixing 100-300ml

Purple Clay from Huang Long Shan (黄龙山), Yixing


Yixing (宜兴), Jiangsu Province, China




Zi Ni -- 250ml (8.5oz)

Duan Ni -- 170ml (5.7oz)


Zi Ni: 5.5” W x 2.8” H (14cm x 7cm)

Duan Ni: 4.9” W x 2.4” H (12.5cm x 6.3cm)


Jing Zhengjuan


Great for brewing Oolong TeaPu-erh TeaBlack Tea

Angel's Comment:

This is one of our most popular Yixing Clay (Zi Sha) Teapots for Brewing Teas in Gongfu Way.


Quality Safety Analyzing Report
(No.: Z0028)

Purple clay, known as Zi Sha, is a special type of clay with excellent transmission and preservation of heat. Teapots made from this material are designed to retain the aroma and flavors of tea brewed with them; therefore, it is best to brew only one particular type of tea in a Zi Sha pot, so that that pot absorbs the essence of the tea and brings it out in further sessions. These teapots became popular throughout China in the North Song Dynasty, and were traded to many other countries from there.


This Shi Piao teapot is made from the same material as our Xi Shi pot, and has a larger capacity. It is a great choice for Yixing lovers who prefer more. With its elegant shape and fluid lines, the overall beauty of the pot is established and maintained; the body of the pot looks almost like the full, round face of a beautiful girl.


Shipiao Teapot Dimensions

Shipiao Teapot Spout

The gun-barrel spout shows the spiritual nature behind the design.

Shipiao Teapot Body

The individual particles visible in the material serve their purposes too, with the larger ones granting improved permeability.

Shipiao Teapot Inside

Shipiao Teapot Buttom

The interior and bottom of the teapot are both carefully crafted.

Shipiao Teapot Oneline

Looking down over the teapot, its unique shape between the lid, handle, and spout can be seen.

Shipiao Teapot Tightness

The tea liquor is able to flow smoothly and easily.

Shipiao Teapot Stick

The pot provides an excellent air seal.

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