Watermelon Lychee Fruit Tea

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Watermelon Lychee Fruit Tea

Roselle, papaya, pineapple, mango, apple, dried watermelon, mint, edible flavoring

Production Date:

April 29, 2024


Rich in watermelon sugar and lychee aroma, with a slightly sour and fruity taste


Low acidity (can be added with or without sweeteners)




Store in airtight, opaque packaging; keep refrigerated

Shelf Life:

24 Months

Angel's Comment:

Rich watermelon flavor, you can DIY various fruit teas with it.

This Watermelon Lychee Fruit Tea is mixed with a variety of dried fruits. As soon as we open the package, we can smell the strong aroma of watermelon and lychee. The large fruit particles are clearly visible, and the taste is slightly sour and mixed with rich fruit flavor after brewing. You can also make various drinks according to your preference.

Recommend Brewing Method

Western Method

Teacup: 12oz / 355ml
212 ºF (100 ºC)
5g tea
Brew 3 - 5 mins

* You can improve the taste by changing the amount or adding rock candy, milk, and honey according to your personal preference.

About Fruit Tea

TeaVivre's Fruit Tea's make great, low calorie, caffeine-free, refreshing drinks for anytime of the day. Made only from carefully matched flower petals, dried fruit and berries, they all have high levels of vitamins and minerals and – most importantly – taste and smell great! They are all fantastic to drink either hot or iced.

Cold brewing tea

All our fruit teas are made without any added sugar, and if you'd like a slightly sweeter drink, simply add a small amount of sugar or, better yet, a small amount of honey.

Cold brewing tea

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