Yixing Zisha Clay Tasting and Aroma Tea Cup Set

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Yixing Zisha Clay Tasting and Aroma Tea Cup Set
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Yixing Cups

Yixing (宜兴), Jiangsu Province, China


Tasting Cup 20ml (0.7oz), Aroma Cup 20ml (0.7oz)


Zhu Ni (red clay), Zhu Ni with white glaze, Zi Ni (Purple Clay)



Angel's Comment:

Aroma cup is one of the most important teaware while drinking tea with highly rich fragrance, like Oolong tea

A tasting cup is the equivalent of the western tea cup, in that the brewed tea is poured into this vessel for drinking - the main difference is that Pinming cups, the tasting cups, are usually smaller and thinner. An important thing to remember in this regard is that Gongfu style brewing focuses on enjoying each and every aspect of the tea to the fullest
The aroma cup, however, is intended to be used to absorb the fragrance of the tea, with oolong in particular. This cup is taller and more slender than the tasting cup; usually, an aroma cup and tasting cup should be made of the same material and color.
Three options are offered: Zhu Ni, bright brick-red in color; Zhu Ni with white glaze; and Zi Ni, which is a darker brownish-red.



How to use

Dimension Pour
Step 1: Pour the tea into the aroma cup.
Upside Upside
Step 2: Then place the tasting cup upside down over the aroma cup. Step 3: In a quick, smooth motion, flip the cups so that the aroma cup is then upside-down atop the tasting cup.
Upside Smell
Step 4: Lift the aroma cup up off of the now full tasting cup, and wait until all of the tea liquid drips out of it. Step 5: Holding the aroma cup in both hands, lift it to your nose and slowly inhale the fragrance. Rolling the cup gently back and forth between your hands can help with this.


Yixing County is known as the Pottery Capital of China for its extensive 6500-year history of the craft. The area boasts abundant resources of argil, tea, bamboo, and charcoal, each of which contributes an important base material for the making of pottery. Yixing Zisha products have earned countless prizes both at home in China as well as abroad, with a few exceptional works presented as national gifts during international diplomacy.

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