Organic Green Tea Powder

Perfect for drinking with sweeteners or dessert

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Organic Green Tea Powder

Perfect for drinking with sweeteners or dessert

89% of 100

Wuyuan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, China


Spring Tea

Harvest Date:

July 15, 2024


1000 mu fine powders in green color


Fresh and brisk




Complex flavor, with an attractive taste that is brisk and slight bitter

Tea Bush:

Wuyuan traditional tea species

Tea Garden:

Wuyuan Organic Tea Garden (about 600 meters)


Low caffeine (less than 10% of a cup of coffee)


Store in airtight, opaque packaging; keep refrigerated

Shelf Life:

18 Months

Angel's Comment:

This Organic Green Tea Powder is recommended to be mixed with honey, sugar, lemon or chocolate.


USDA Certification EU Certification

When brewing this green tea powder, use 2g of tea for about 60-70mL of water. In order to protect the nutrition and taste of this tea, we recommend brewing between 60 and 80℃, and when brewing green tea powder like this - or matcha - you need to use a chasen, or tea whisk, to stir the powder into the liquid and bring out its unique taste. The rich flavor of this tea comes from the abundance of chlorophyll and amino acids in the powder.

Tea Garden

Wuyuan Organic Tea Garden is located in Wuyuan County, Jiangxi Province, 600 meters above sea level. The environment here is beautiful, the climate is pleasant, the rainfall is abundant, and the soil is fertile, which is very suitable for the growth of tea trees. The characteristic of tea garden cultivation management lies in covering and shading. The tea trees coverage is generally selected between April and May each year, and the length and method of coverage can be adjusted at any time according to the weather. The tea powder made from this way will have a unique sweetness and seaweed fragrance while having a natural emerald green color and the amino acid content will be significantly increased.


This organic green tea powder comes from Tianmu Mountain in Lin’an, in the northwestern part of Zhejiang Province. In Chinese, “Tianmu” means “Eyes of Heaven”; this name comes from two pools up along the mountain peaks, looking like eyes always gazing at the sky.

At an elevation of 300 to about 1550m, Tianmu Mountain is well-known for its forest ecosystem and subtropical climate.

map of wuyuan

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