Zen Style (Chan Feng) Black Pottery Teapot

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Zen Style (Chan Feng) Black Pottery Teapot
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Dehua County, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China


Black Pottery

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5.9” W x 2.8” H (15.0cm x 7.0cm)



Angel's Comment:

The interior bright glaze color is in sharp contrast to the elegant black of teapot body, which makes us feel “Zen”.

The black color of this teapot presents introverted and quiet oriental Chan Feng and the lines that surround the shape of teapot show the harmony of Chan. The whole pot is made with the traditional method, and the slightly upturned spout makes the water running vigorous and strong, smooth and clean. The design of handle is also very practical and the shape is simple, but not gaudy. The inside holes can effectively filter the small tea leaves and make the tea liquid brighter.

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