Handmade Jianyang Jianzhan Tea Cup - Universe Galaxy

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Handmade Jianyang Jianzhan Tea Cup - Universe Galaxy
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Jianyang, Fujian Province, China


Original clay in Jianyang, raw glaze ore and other natural substances


Transmutation in kiln (Firing in 1300℃ high temperature)






3.1” W x 2.2” H (8cm x 5.5cm)

Net Weight:



Due to the transmutation in kiln, the pattern on each Jianzhan tea cup will be slightly difefferent .

Therefore, every Jian zhan is unique and special, but it will be remained generally the same.

Angel's Comment:

The oil droplets scattered on the Jian Zhan's surface, just like the stars floating in the sky, very gorgeous.

Jian Zhan is like an ever-changing little universe, everyone is unique. This Jian Zhan is so called "universe galaxy" because its natural oil droplets like the stars in the sky and illuminate the entire glaze, giving people unlimited imagination


Jian ware represents the pinnacle of ancient Chinese black porcelain, and it is also a pottery art that combines earth and fire. Using the clay and glaze with rich iron in Jianyang as raw material, it has to process 13 classical Chinese traditional handicrafts such as selecting porcelain and setting cup-model. It’s gorgeous pattern is naturally produced in a kiln where to be fired in 1300℃ high temperature. Therefore, each cup is a unique "orphan" under uncontrollable situation, which is also the distinctive charm of Jianzhan.

Univers stars

Jianzhan has the characteristics of “one color into the kiln, a riot of colors out”. Each Jianzhan adopts the same glaze, but due to the diverse firing methods of masters, different indoor temperature and other factors, the final cups will be distinct in the patterns and glaze colors. As we all know that no two leaves are exactly the same in the world, which is also applicable to Jianzhan. However, one type of Jianzhans are similar in general.

Univers stars with tea liquid

The unique glaze on the cup will reflect diverse colors for different tea liquid.

Univers stars with tea liquid

Jian zhan is made of the clay with iron content over 8%. Therefore, drinking tea with Jianzhan can not only improve the flavor, but also gives a softer taste.

Jian Zhan Maker

Characteristics of Jian zhan

Heavy: It refers to the thick and dense feeling in the hand.

Big: It refers to the large mouth of the cup, convenient to watch tea soup.

Black: It refers to the original glazed color of Jianzhan, which not only can be enjoyed when drinking tea, but also brings out the beautiful color of tea soup.

When using Jianzhan for the first time, there’s no need to experience the complicated process like Zisha teapot. You can get rid of the ash and earthy smell of kiln directly with clean water, and then use boiled water to rinse it or boil for a few minutes.


Jianzhan (Jian ware), the well-known Chinese porcelain in Han nationality, belongs to one of the eight famous porcelains in Song Dynasty, which can trace back to more than 1,000 years. It derives the name from its origin, Jian An county in Song Dynasty. During that time, scholars and literati advocated comparing tea, so in addition to providing high-quality tea, it is also necessary to have tea sets that are most suitable for this competition. Among the black porcelain from Jian kiln, Jianzhan became one of the most excellent tea sets, because its dense clay contains fine pores that are conducive to heat preservation, appropriate for tea competition. .

In 2011, the workmanship of Jianzhan was included in the list of national intangible cultural heritage.

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