Matcha Tea Ceremony Set

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Matcha Tea Ceremony Set
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Matcha Tea Set
Production Place:

Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.


White bamboo, Coarse Pottery, Celadon




Matcha Bowl 300ml (10.6oz)


Matcha whisk 50g

Matcha Bowl 247g

Matcha Scoop 3g

Matcha Whisk Holder 154g


Matcha Bowl – 2.2” W x 4.1” H (5.5 cm x 10.4 cm)

Matcha Whisk – 4.4” W x 2.7” H (11.2 cm x 7.0 cm)

Matcha Scoop – 7.3” Length (18.5 cm)

Matcha Whisk Holder – 2.0” W x 2.9” H (5.0 cm x 7.4 cm)

Including Items:

3 Pieces Set: Matcha Bowl + Matcha Whisk + Matcha Scoop

4 Pieces Set: Matcha Bowl + Matcha Whisk + Matcha Scoop + Matcha Whisk Holder

Angel's Comment:

This tea set includes the essential tools for brewing Matcha Tea.

A complete, useful tea set is extremely important for a Matcha tea ceremony. TeaVivre has specially prepared four basic utensils for this: the whisk, the bowl, the scoop, and the whisk holder, each playing their own important part in the ceremony. The whisk is used to stir the tea; the bowl holds the tea; the scoop is used for ladling out the tea powder; and the whisk holder is used to maintain the shape of the bamboo whisk and thus extend its lifespan.

Matcha whisk is used for stirring Matcha;

Matcha Bowl is used for holding Matcha;

Matcha Scoop is used for ladling out the Matcha Powder.

Matcha Whisk Holder is used for maintaining the shape of the bamboo whisk and extending its lifespan.


*Each of these products is also available for purchase separately.

Matcha Teaset Dimensions

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