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  • Black Tea Introduction Part 3 - Health Benefits of Black Tea

    Black tea, as other species of teas, has many health benefits. Fermentation is a significant process for the health benefits of black tea. Thearubigins and many other important factors of its health benefits are produced in fermentation. Thus black tea can protect our bones, promote digestion, as well as help to lose weight.
  • Guide to brew Keemun Black Tea

    Keemun Tea is widely recognized as the best black tea in china, and also considered one of the best available black tea in the world, therefore, it is crowed as the “Queen of Black Tea”. The appearance of keemun black tea is slender and elegant, while brewed, its liquor is red and brilliant, and the taste is mellow. Sometimes, it has the obvious sweet and fragrance, sometimes with rose, also with honey and fruit fragrance. The special fragrance is regarded as the Keemun Scent by the tea lovers in home and abroad.
  • Black Tea Introduction Part 1 - Varieties of Black Tea

    Varieties of Black TeaAlthough many people probably aren't aware of the huge variety of teas available to them, most everyone is familiar with black tea. What most people don't realize is how much of a variety of black teas there are to choose from. Black teas are currently the most popular types of tea in the United States and Great Britain, and there are many varieties of black teas to choose from.

  • Keemun Black Tea Information and Brewing Tips

    Keemun black tea is one of China's Ten Most Famous Teas, and is a beautiful tea indeed. Keemun black tea is also known as Keemun Gongfu tea or Qimen Gongfu tea depending on dialect. Keemun black teas are known for their aromatic fragrance, mellow flavor and beautiful aesthetic value as well as the brilliant red liquor the brewed tea leaves produce.
  • Black Tea Knowledge - General Information, Making Process and Health Benefits

    black tea knowledge The very first black tea produced in China belonged to small leaf species, after then Gong Fu Black Tea was invented. The modern tea sage Wu Juenong wrote about the origin and spread of black tea in his famous work Review of The Classic of Tea (《茶经述评》; 2005).

  • Choosing the Highest Quality Keemun Chinese Black Tea

    One of the ten most famous teas in China, and indeed, one of the most delicious and famous teas in the world, Keemun black tea is produced in Qimen county in the Anhui Province of China. Additionally, generally speaking there are three major types of black teas that are considered to hold the most intense fragrance of all black teas in the world include Keemun black tea, as well as Darjeeling and Ceylon tea, respectively.
  • Shifeng Mountain – the Cradle of Famous Longjing Tea.

    Early spring, on 25 March, we teavivre.com arrived at Hangzhou and paid a visit to splendid Shifeng mountain which is famous for being permeated in perfume of fresh tea leaves all year round.
  • She Qian Tea, Ming Qian Tea, and Yu Qian Tea

    Starting from ancient times, the Chinese agriculture is traditionally guided by the solar terms. So is the tea industry. Based on the solar terms, we can divide spring teas into three types: She Qian, Ming Qian and Yu Qian.
  • Experience Chengdu - The Culture of Sichuan Tea House

    In Chengdu, tea culture has developed into the Sichuan-featured Tea House Culture. There is a saying about Sichuan tea house: you could see more tea houses than sunny days. Why the tea houses in Chengdu can catch so much eyesight? It is because its abundant functions: for relaxing, meetings, recreation, as well as being the court of civilians.
  • Chinese Tea Culture – Taoism and Tea

    This article explains the influence of Taoism to tea culture from ancient times, and delivers a suggestion for modern people about how to brew teas.