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    • Black Tea Introduction Part 3 - Health Benefits of Black Tea

      Black tea, as other species of teas, has many health benefits. Fermentation is a significant process for the health benefits of black tea. Thearubigins and many other important factors of its health benefits are produced in fermentation. Thus black tea can protect our bones, promote digestion, as well as help to lose weight.
    • Fermentation of Teas

      Fermented tea is a class of tea that has undergone a process of fermentation. One method of classifying teas is based on the degree of fermentation.
    • Care for and Maintain Your Yixing Zisha Teapots

      After buying a Yixing teapot, we need to begin to take good care of it. And here are some methods we recommend to you.
    • Can Tea Dispel the Effects of Alcohol ?

      Many people have habits of drinking strong tea when drunk, who thought that the obvious diuretic effects of tea will help speed up excretion of alcohol, however, they miss the fact that the drinking tea when drunk has side effect on kidney.
    • Chinese Tea Eggs

      Chinese tea eggs, which also known as Chinese Marbled Eggs are such a popular snack that they can be found almost everywhere in China.
    • The secret of tea pet

      Chinese Gongfu tea pet is a small clay figure which is kept by some tea drinkers for good luck. What is on earth a tea pet? Let me show more about it. A tea pet, also known as a tea lover's pet, is a small clay art work made of Yixing clay and raised by tea lovers with tea water for pleasure (good luck) during tea time.
    • Morning tea in Guangzhou

      Tea is popular around China, and different cities has different tea traditions. This article is mainly about the traditions of morning tea in GuangZhou.
    • Benefits of Tea Drinking in Winter

      Tea, “茶”, has been a preference for health regimen since Chinese ancient times. People drink teas to seek different health benefits in different seasons. So, what are the benefits of tea drinking in winter?
    • Different teas at different times in a day for office workers

      You can enjoy different types of teas at different times during the day to enhance your tea experience. This article is going show you some useful information about how to choose the best tea at the different times in a day for office workers.
    • Famous Black Teas Production Areas in China

      If you want to get comprehensive knowledge about Chinese Black Tea, you need to know its production areas at first. Here is a brief introduction about the 14 production areas.