European Union VAT

Why is there VAT on your site?

From 1 July 2021, the Valued-Added Tax (VAT) on cross-border business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce activities in the European Union (EU) has to be applied on all goods that are sold online to EU.

You can refer to the link: https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/eu-consumers_en

We collect VAT for EU orders less than 150 EUR when customers make order. And we will make declaration for customs with our IOSS number ((IOSS is the way that the sender will pre-pay the VAT, which means no more calls from Customs or courier services asking for an extra payment when the goods arrive in the buyer’s home country.)

Order more than 150 EUR will be taxed at importation in the EU Member State.

Does the product price on product page include the VAT?
No, the price on product page does not include the VAT. The VAT will be calculated after you filled the shipping address.
How much VAT do I need to pay?

VAT is generally charged based on the price (both product price and shipping fee) at the applicable VAT rate of the EU countries. The VAT rate is different depends on types of goods and the destination countries. We search the VAT from European Commission website: https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/tedb/vatSearchForm.html

Is there any further charge regarding VAT when package arrives to me?
If you pay the VAT when you make the order on our site, there will be no further charges when the package arrives to you. In case there’s any charge from customs or courier services, please contact us and we will do the best to make satisfied solution.
What if I don’t want to pay the VAT when making the order, but want to pay VAT when package arrive to my country?
For EU consumers who don’t want to add tax when placing order, but want to clear custom and pay for the tax and additional handing fees which will be charged by local custom. You can choose the option “Pay tax and handing fees by myself” (Note: By this way, there will be additional handing fees occurred when the goods arrive in your country. You need to pay tax and additional handing fees which will be charged by your local custom. This will cause extra fees more that the tax, the exact amount only can be known when the package arrive to your country.)
pay VAT by myself

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