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After more than a long half year's hard work selecting our teas and putting together our store, the TeaVivre store is finally open! Everyone here is extremely glad that we are now able to offer you the teas we've spent a lot of time carefully selecting.

In order to thank you all for your support, we're offering you a special offer of 200 reward points when you register with our store…

We visit the tea processing steps

In March 2011 we visited the organic tea gardens of our white tea and bailin gongfu black tea supplier in Fujian.
At that time it was early spring, so the tea was only just starting it's Spring growth. We decided to head back there again in April, to check out the farm when the tea was harvested and also to look at their processing, which wasn't in action on our earlier trip.

TeaVivre trip to the Heshan Organic tea garden in Fujian Province

TeaVivre's always try to personally visit and sample potential suppliers before we sell their tea.

In March of 2011 we went on a trip to Fuding in Fujian province, to visit the organic tea gardens from where we source our Silver Needle, Bai Mudan and Bailin Gongfu teas.