How to Get Rid of Tea Drunk — 4 Home Remedies

Every tea lover may encounter the tea drunk. There are many situations can cause tea drunk, but the only one way to relieve it is to eat something immediately. Teavivre will introduce four kinds of food to effectively ease the tea drunk.

Every tea lovers eagerly await the moment when the spring teas are available, during last two months, you may notice that the new arrival of spring tea for Green tea, Black tea and Oolong tea are gradually in stock on TeaVivre. To ensure the quality of tea, our product review team need to drink many different types of tea per day. Although tea is a very healthy beverage in the world, drink plenty of tea in a short time can make people “drunk”, which makes us feel uncomfortable.

How does it feel to you?

If you drink tea on an empty stomach or drink too much different teas in a short time, the symptoms can be varying degrees of dizziness, tinnitus, palpitation, shivering, lightheadedness, cold sweats, weakness in the limbs and hunger, which is known as “cha zui” (茶醉, “tea drunk”). Whatever you’re tea aficionados or new tea lovers, if you drink tea in an improper way, you will get tea drank.

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How to Get Rid of Tea Drunk?

Combined with my own experience as well as other tea lovers’ opinions, we do think it’s best to consume some food as soon as you can if you feel a bit of tea drunk.


The best food we highly recommend is meat, which can more easily contribute to the feelings of satiety than others.

High-sugar Candies

It aims to cause your blood-sugar level to rise, making it less likely for you to experience any adverse effects from drinking tea.

Try Some Tea and Food Pairings

The delicious tea makes it a great match with any snacks, for those who like sweet or salty snacks, they are always to be a great help to prevent or get rid of tea drunk.

Drinking Syrup (táng shuǐ: sweet water)

Except for eating some food, syrup is to considered as a wise choice when get tea drunk, it includes a cup of water with honey, brown sugar or rock candy.

How to Avoid Tea Drank?

  • Do not drink strong tea
  • Try not to overindulge
  • Eat some snacks if you feel drunk
  • Never drink tea on an empty stomach

A Kind Reminder: Tea is not suitable for people who’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffering a nervous breakdown. Sometimes, drinking tea in a bad way can cause some physical discomfort too.

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