Introducing New-style Yixing: Enjoy Classic Brewings

Introducing New-style Yixing: Enjoy Classic Brewings

Emerged in Song Dynasty (960-1279), matured in Yuan Dynasty and popularized in Ming and Qing Dynasty, the well-known Yixing purple teapot are considered the most suitable for Chinese teas and highly welcomed around the world nowadays.

As an online tea shop speacialzed in good teas and tea sets, TeaVivre won a large number of satisfied customers in the past three years. In order to bring you more about tea & tea sets and premium products to our guests all the world from time to time. We carefully prepare some new arrivals of Yixing tea ware for you.

New-Style Yixing Tea Sets

The first for your consideration is our two newfashioned 5 Pieces Yixing Tea Sets, consisting of one handy tea pot and four matching Yixing purple pottery. All those exquisited pieces all handmaded by seasoned crasfsman with high grade Yixing clay and are good for you to enjoy teas with your family or friends.

Xi Shi Yixing Tea Set 5 Pieces

Pear Xi Shi Yixing Tea Set 5 Pieces

New Large Volume Yixing Teapots

This time we bring you two kinds of Yixing teapots with large capacity. As two of our featured purple clay teapots at the end of 2014, we hope both stunning teapots can bring happiness to your tea experience.

Landscape Engrave Xi Shi Yixing Teapot

Hand-made Heart Sutra Xi Shi Yixing Teapot

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