Yixing Purple Clay Tea Sets Are Available on TeaVivre

Yixing Purple Clay Tea Sets are online now. TeaVivre has been kept working on upgrading the catalog of tea ware. After putting the glass tea set on sale, we started to pick purple clay teapot, and had several sorts of teapots of different style on list.

With the history began at Song Dynasty, flourished at Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, the purple clay teapot is still popular nowadays. This traditional clay artifact is made of purple clays by special chinese manual craft. As the pots produced in Yixing, Jiangsu own great fame rather than other places, it is also called Yixing purple clay teapot. Purple clay teapot is featured with the ability of not weakening the fragrance of teas, as well as not killing the leaves when brewed for long time. What’s more, the wall of the pot will absorb the tea’s flavor.

Start Your Tea Brewing Life – Yixing Purple Clay Tea Sets

Yixing Purple Clay (Zi Sha) Tea Set Lovely Tiny 5 Pieces


Economical Yixing Purple Clay (Zi Sha) Tea Set 14 Pieces

Maybe You Will Be Interested In the History Of the Yixing Teapots

The history of purple clay teapot could be trade back to the Earlier Song Dynasty. There were purple clay wares of that period of time excavated in Yixing, Jiangsu. But none of the purple clay wares is used for brewing tea at that time. It was not until Ming Dynasty that the teapots for brewing tea were produced. There was a Jinsha temple locating in the countryside of Yixing, in which living Monk Jinsha who loved drinking teas. He took some purple clay nearby the temple, and made them into a teapot. After been burned for a period of time, the ever first purple clay teapot was finished. But it would never been known of the appearance of this particular teapot. Nevertheless, Gong Chun, a servant who lived in Jinsha temple with his master, became the father of purple clay teapot. It was said that a scholar named Wu Yinshan lived in Jinsha temple for preparing his examination. He was companioned by his page boy Gong Chun. Gong Chun was fond of the purple clay teapot made by Monk Jinsha. So he made a teapot which modeled the shape of burl on an old ginkgo tree. The teapot was named tree gall pot, also called Gong Chun pot. Consequently, Gong Chun became the first reputable maker of purple clay teapot.

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