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Black Tea - Nice Breakfast Teas
With a strong bold flavour, quite different to unfermented teas,
fully fermented black teas are great for warming stomach,
as well as refreshing. Good replacement for coffee.

All kinds of black teas, including Yunnan, Fujian black teas, etc.
Fujian ×
10 Items
Premium Golden Monkey Black Tea
Sweet and mellow, fruity and floral
$19.90 / 4oz (113g)
Superfine Tan Yang Gong Fu Black Tea
Mellow and smooth, sweet aftertaste
$28.90 / 4oz (113g)
Bailin Gongfu Black Tea
Sweet potato aroma, soft taste
$21.90 / 4oz (113g)
Lychee Black Tea
Strong lychee flavor, mellow, smooth
$12.90 / 4oz (113g)
EU Standard Floral Black Tea
Flowery, nice sweet potato aroma
$13.90 / 4oz (113g)
Floral Jin Jun Mei Black Tea
Nectar, malted, cocoa, mellow and sweet
$35.90 / 4oz (113g)
Hua Xiang Xiao Zhong Black Tea
Flowery, buttery, peach, sweet and mellow
$32.90 / 4oz (113g)
Jin Mu Dan (Golden Peony) Black Tea
Special peach fruity, sweet and aromatic
$15.90 / 4oz (113g)
out of stock
EU Standard Lapsang Souchong (Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong) Black Tea
Natural sweet and mellow taste, EU standard
$17.90 / 4oz (113g)
out of stock
Organic Nonpareil Fujian Black Tea
Thick, full bodied texture with pure and clean profile
$25.90 / 50g (1.75oz)