Advantages of Yixing Zisha Teapot

Yixing teapot is able to preserve heat for a longer time than other teapots, meanwhile has high air permeability. Yixing teapot not only looks nice, but also has many good uses. Moreover, it is very good choice for collection.

Many tea lovers know about Yixing teapot for its good practicability, high ornamental value and collection value.

In the beginning, Yixing teapot became popular among tea drinkers because of its capability of insulating heat and permeating air. Even if the tea liquid has been placed for a long time, it wouldn’t deteriorate easily. Using Yixing teapot to brew the tea can not only restrain the tea’s original aroma and flavor, but also inspire unique quality of the tea.

A long time later, Yixing potters began to do more when making teapots. More art elements were added into Yixing teapot. It became more than just a tool of brewing teas, by bringing tea lovers a delight and pleasant air. Even it is not during a serve, you can hold the teapot in your hands and view its exquisite shape and enjoy the grace style.

What’s more, Yixing teapot can be seasoned after long time of careful use. The teapot will absorb tea’s aroma and flavor, and after years of seasoning, it will become much more glossy and smooth. This unique feature of Yixing teapot makes it more valuable.

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