Fragrance of Tea in the Wine Country — Yibin Trip (I)

Yibin, located in Sichuan Province, which is not only famous for its white spirit, but also the hometown of Chinese early spring tea. Let’s uncover the mystery of this charming tea city and wine capital together with Teavivre’s Yibin trip.

Yibin, also called “the first city along the Yangtze River”, which is not only rich in white spirit, but also an important station on the ancient Tea Horse Road, and one of the birthplaces of the world tea. Meanwhile, Yibin is the hometown of Chinese early spring tea with more than 3000 years history of tea growing. Such a long history and affluent cultural heritage make this city shiny and brilliant.

TeaVivre was much honored to be invited to participate in the 2nd Annual International Tea Conference, which was held in Yibin on March 17, 2018 for a period of 3 days. Next, please follow our footprint to uncover the mystery of this charismatic tea city and wine capital.

Guest cards

On March 16th, Angel and Chris arrived in Chengdu, Sichuan, after converging with two other members of TeaVivre, we immediately drove to Yibin. The entire journey took about three and a half hours. Very tired, but we were all feel excited.

Yibin is known as China’s liquor capital, just drove away the high-speed road, we can smell the fragrance of wine.

The wine culture is a very important part of the food culture in China. It can also be said that the long history and culture of Yibin have consisted by the aroma of wine.

It was getting dark when we arrived in Yibin. As the saying goes: “hunger breeds discontent”, To learn about a place, tasting local cuisine is indispensable. So after settled our luggage at the hotel, we embarked on a search for delicious Yibin food

Hot pot

The next day, the 2nd Annual International Tea Conference was official opening. The conference attracted experts from all over the world. Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, and domestic tea lovers gathered here to discuss international tea trends, program about travelling to specialty tea villages and so on.

Conference scene

Domestic and international experts in the tea industry also delivered speeches during the conference, which covered the latest tea information, dates, as well as the development status and future trends of tea industry.

The chairman of the International Tea Committee (ITC)- Ian Gibbs

Mr. James Pogson, The Past President and Executive Director of The United Kingdom Tea and Infusions Association (UKTIA)

The Secretary of FAO Intergovernmental Group on Tea (Jean Luc Namegabe Mastaki)

Louise Roberge, President of Tea and Herbal Association of Canada

Throughout the meeting, we all felt educated and benefited, and also had a deeper understanding of the situation of tea industry all over the world.

Angel and Chris

After a short break in the hotel, we were moving to our next important schedule — visiting Jin Qiu Lake Tea Garden. There is a river on the way to the tea garden, so we had to take a boat to there.

As soon as we landed, a large green tea gardens came into our view. Even the air revealed a faint fresh smell of tea.

Due to the unique climatic and geographical conditions of Yibin, the harvest date of tea here will be 20-30 days ahead than the main tea production areas such as Zhejiang and Anhui. Although it was still in mid-March, it was a busy picking season already.

The fresh air made us very happy, and all joined in the tea-picking scene with great enthusiasm.

Mrs.Yang, a tea art specialist

Mrs.Yang with Angel

Tea farmers told us that every 2.4 kg fresh leaves can only make 0.4 kg tea, so each cup of tea is especially valuable.

After finished visiting the tea garden, we also had the privilege of admiring the tea ceremony show performed by Mrs. Yang.

After the show, it’s time for dinner.
Since we were in Yibin, how can we not try the special snack here? The gifts given by the nature can be far more than the beauty of eyes and hearts, but also the beauty of the taste buds.

Baked Pork Spareribs in Garlic

Spicy Crayfish

Fried Frogs With Ginger

Braised Fish Roe

Among the many delicious cuisines, the most unforgettable one is this Barbecue Pig Nose Tendons, which are made by the two tendons in pigs’ noses. It tastes crisp and very chewy.

Barbecue Pig Nose Tendons

Trips in Yibin still continue, we will visit the Mt. Tiangong Organic Tea Garden at an altitude of 900-1350 meters.
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