Let’s Learn and Share: Green Tea Weight Loss

Tea has been used for thousands of years in China and Japan because of its excellent health benefits. Green tea is especially full of metabolic benefits, antioxidants; these are caused by high amounts of polyphenols. It is said that these polyphenols specifically one called EGCG can help increase metabolism, decrease appetite, and burn fat.

Why Green Tea Can Lose Weight

Tea tree is called Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze. Picking fresh tea leaf from the trees, then craft them by the typical progress of non-fermentation, removing green, roasting and drying. This is how green tea made. The production and liquor both persist the green color of fresh tea leaves.

Green tea of high quality has green dry tea, green liquor and green tea leaves, which is the so called “Three Green”. As the hero that helping green tea drinkers, EGCG(tea polyphenol) could prevent cancer, reduce blood fat, protecting you from radiation and decrease the damage of nicotine.

Make a rational schedule of three meals and tea time could do less for more effects for your weight loss. Meanwhile a proper storage method could maintain the nutrition in tea leaves maximally.

The Benefits of Tea Polyphenols

Green tea contains the wonderful EGCG polyphenol, these specific antioxidants helps to increase metabolism. It also naturally contains a very small amount of caffeine, which is a natural appetite suppressant. This is what makes green tea slimming in one aspect, as you have a decreased appetite with a higher metabolism.

Tea Polyphenol: Comparing Fresh Tea Leaves With Green Tea

Tea polyphenols is the generic term of polyphenol materials in teas, which is the main composition that forms tea’s aroma, flavor, color and is the major factor of its health function. The capability of detoxification and anti-radiation makes tea polyphenols able to protect bone marrow form radioactive substance. Therefore it is praised as “Radiation killer” in the field of health and medicine. Green tea contains 22% of tea polyphenols, which is 1% less than the amount in fresh tea leaves. Green tea contains the largest amount of tea polyphenols among all kinds of teas. Catechuic acid takes 70% in tea polyphenols, is the major element of polyphenol, as well as the key of the high quality of green tea. Catechuic acid also takes an important part in the body function of immunity and anti-radiation. This is not the only reason why people like green tea. Green tea contains aromatic compound, which can dissolve fat, help your body wipe out greasiness, prevent fat from stocking in your body, ease digestion.

  • Besides, catechuic acid has the function of antioxidant, improving metabolism, scavenging free radicals. It is able to decrease fat by activating protein kinase and triglyceride lipase, then achieves the goal of reducing weight.


Premium Green Tea: Leading the Tide of Slimming

Nowadays people keeps a fast-paced life, while with an irregular sport time. Therefore the habit of keeping a healthy diet is came up. People holds different ideas of tea’s weight loss function. Usually they chose Pu-erh tea for losing weight, meanwhile taking aerobic exercise, such as riding, to keep fit. Green tea could also give same effects as Pu-erh tea for long-term drinking.

Improve Digestion, Dissolve Fat

Intestines and stomach is the largest organ for digestion in the body. But if you take too much food, the stomach will not be able to digest so that the calorie will accumulate. If this persists, fat will happen. Aromatic compounds in green tea can melt fat, prevent it from accumulating in your body; the Vitamin B1, C and low caffeine in green tea can stimulate secretion of stomach juices, helping digestion and reducing fat.

How much Green Tea do You Need to Drink

Drinking around 3-4 cups a day is said to help weight loss. This however, is under a lot of controversy because people like to try pills instead. Green tea slimming diets are healthier for you when you consume only the tea, and not pills. Pills often have added ingredients such as hoodia, or other appetite suppressants such large doses of caffeine in them.
Further suppressing your appetite will take off extra weight, but when you stop drinking green tea the weight loss will come back. Green tea is healthy, and tastes great so you can continue drinking it on a long term basis. You should also drink a lot of water since caffeine is a natural diuretic to make sure you stay well hydrated.

More Benefits for Frequent Drinking

  • Refreshing your mind: caffeine in green tea, which could excite nervous contrails, promote metabolism and improve blood circulation, is a fine stimulant.
  • Heart helpful: too much salts staying in your body will cause blocks of blood circulation, which is connected with hypertension and heart disease. Caffeine in green tea can reduce the amount of salt in your blood. Meanwhile the function of dieresis of green tea could help you eliminate spare salt. Your body function could be improved with some suitable exercise beside drinking green tea.
  • Diuretic: generally, urination times and amount could be increased by drinking more water. But to drink green tea is different from water. Green tea is diuretic that could strength the muscle of kidney, making it contracting stronger so that spare salt in your body could be eliminated easily.

A Good Habit of Rational Diet Can Help You Lose Weight

As it’s so functional for keeping diet, a good habit of drinking green tea could help you to have a more effective result of losing weight.

Do Not Drink in One Hour After Meal


Green tea contain plenty of tannic acid. If you drink too much tea, the tannic acid will combine with Fe in your blood, producing a insoluble substance, hindering the absorbing of Fe. Drinking tea immediately after meals for a long time could cause anemia. So wait for an hour, when your body has already absorbed all the Fe from what you eat, then drink teas. Thus the absorbing of Fe will not be disturbed.

Combining Work and Break: Take Enough Exercise

Do not sit down or take strenuous exercise immediately after you finish your meal. It’s better to stand for half an hour or take a slow walk. Many people are busy with work or study. They have no time for managing a good diet. If they could only stand for half an hour after meal, the trouble of fat accumulating can be resolved, meanwhile saving their time of losing time afterwards.

When you are looking to shed pounds with any diet you need to check with your doctor. Making sure you don’t have any underlying health concerns. Your doctor will also suggest you exercise, and eat healthy as well as drinking green tea for maximum benefit as well. There are several ways to purchase and then brew it, but you will want to make sure you don’t add a lot of sugar. This can actually add weight instead of helping you lose it.

Your Perseverance and Persist


You may have found with everyday’s drinking green teas, and the control of food intake, you will feel hungry often, especially in the 5 hours before bed-time. The very don’t do thing of losing weight is to eat before sleep. Calories will not be used during sleep. The things you’ve eaten will be stocked by your body as fat. If you are too hungry, you can only eat few boiled vegetables or fruits.

Matters Need Attention of Tea Drinking

  • Do not use tea to take medicine. The caffeine in teas is cordial, not suitable for depressant, anti-tussive and hypnotic medicine. Besides, polyphenols in teas will react to medicines and produce sedimentation, which affects efficacy.
  • Do not drinking tea when hungry. If you do, the tea will dilute acid in your empty stomach, restrain your stomach juices’ secretion.
  • Drink proper amount of teas every day. Too much tea will impact your sleep.
  • Tea polyphenols and amino acid will oxidized if the liquor is exposed to air too long. The tea will get darker in color, and lighter aroma and flavor than first brew.
  • Use 80℃ to 90℃ water for infusing green tea. For tea in bags, 60℃ water will be enough. The first infusion, known as wash the leaves, needs to pour the liquor after brewed with a little water. It’s better been drank in 30 – 60 minutes. So that, you can get more health benefits from green tea.
  • Green tea slimming diets not only work, but they are full of benefits to your health. Just remember that drinking tea alone won’t produce amazing effects. With moderate exercise, and eating healthy green tea will boost your metabolism, and help you shed unwanted weight quicker than just diet or exercise alone. Good luck on your weight loss journey.

Proper Storage Method for Green Teas

Tea should not stay in air for long time for being easily oxidized and deteriorated. Tea tradesmen pay lots of attention on tea’s storage. They usually use quick lime, charcoal and refrigerating methods for keeping tea leaves. However, we may don’t have those condition in families. We could use plastic bags or aluminum foil bags that can be well sealed. Push air out from the bags as much as you can after putting teas in. It could be helpful if you add another bag out of it, in order to protect it from light. Metal can, especially Tin can is the best for storage, which performs well in preventing moisture, anti-oxidization, blocking light and avoiding odor. Fridge can be useful, too. Because green tea is better stored in 0 ℃ to 5 ℃. You can pack the green teas in well-sealed aluminum foil bags or tin cans then put them in your fridge. It’s a good way for storage of green tea at home. If you had purchased some new spring teas of this year, and are not willing to drink them in the near future, you could use this for storage.

  • Couple of questions as I am a new tea drinker. I’ve read several articles about green, black, oolong, black well….teas and what benefits (although not scientifically proven) they can provide. With green teas, are the benefits the same with making tea from a bag verses brewing yourself? What about the caffeine free green tea? Would it still be considered helpful with weightloss if it is decaffeinated?

    Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • TeaVivre

      Thanks for your question.

      1. Generally, if the tea bags have the same quality with loose tea, their effects will have not much differences. But some of the tea bags will use the tea residue, in which the nutrients may loss heavily.

      2. Decaffeinated processes remove some of the antioxidants in green tea, like flavonols, one type of polyphenol antioxidant.
      According to research, decaf green tea lowered energy consumption, so the weight loss that resulted wasn’t significant. But decaf green tea may still have some effect on weight loss. While caffeinated green tea might increase this effect since caffeine may further stimulate your metabolism.

      Hope it helps.

  • ididnt know how to drink it can i drink it without suger

    • TeaVivre

      Thank you for your question.
      You can drink green tea directly after you brewed it. It’s fine to drink tea without sugar. Even though sugar no bad effect on nutrients of the tea. But If you want to lose weight. You’d better don’t intake too much sugar.
      If you like something sweet, you can drink green tea with herbs or flowers.
      Hope it helps.

  • I have been drinking green tea for long time, at first. My performance got increase but now it is like worst than before and I suffer stomach gas. Can you explain that?

    • TeaVivre

      Thanks for your question.

      Through there’re plenty health benefits of drinking green tea, we still should keep attention to these unhealthy way to avoid any unpleasant effects.

      1: Do not Drink Tea While Hungry
      2: Keep Your Tea Light:
      3: Don’t Drink Tea Immediately Following a Meal
      4: Never Drink Tea Which Is Too Hot……..

      Do you prefer strong Tea? Taking your tea too strong will make the brewed tea contain too much caffeine which can easily cause headaches and insomnia as well as irritation and stomach problems (such as stomach gas).

      If it’s the tea caused you to suffer stomach gas, here I suggest you stopping drink green tea and gonging to the hospital for medical help.

      Hope it’s helpful.

  • Will I gain the weight back if I stop taking the green tea diet pills??

    • TeaVivre

      Hi Erica.

      When we said that it can help loss weight, because green tea help with improve digestion, dissolve fat, in this way, help you lose weight. It is a natural and slow process. And at the mean time, you still need not to eat too much, and do some exercise every day if possible.
      And tea is a drink, not diet pill. It Help you lose weight naturally. Therefore if you just stop drinking tea, and still keep diet and do exercise, you may not gain weight immediately.
      However, I can’t say, you would never gain weight again. If you want ot lose weight, be strict to what you eat in your daily meal, and do exercise if possible.
      Hope this is helpful to your concern.

  • how long will it take to lose weight with qualitea

    • TeaVivre

      Hi Collette,

      Thank you for your question.
      I’m sorry that I can’t tell the time.
      Because everyone has different reaction to teas. Tea is helpful with lose weight, but it also related to your daily meal and exercise. It is a very long process.
      Hope this is helpful to your concern.

  • HI ,

    I was drinking greentea which was very nice ,butt once all of sudden when I stoped having it I felt Increased weight …
    I was 62 and now I am 67 why is that so .
    once we start we shouldn’t stop or how is it ?
    please answer

    • TeaVivre

      Hi sirisha,
      Thank you for your question. There are many reasons for increasing weight.
      Besides drink tea, people have to do exercise and control their daily meals to lose weight. And it is a very long process.
      On the contrary, it is also impossible to gain much weight only because you stop drink tea. This is unreasonable.
      I’m not sure why you gain weight, but I’d like to suggest you stop drink tea, and eat the normal food like you did before you drink tea, and try to see if your weight will be back to normal again.

  • Also using china green tea with lemon juice in warm water and i lost 4kgs in18days.my storma was 110cm and now its 98cm and im happy it seems to be working.

  • Hello I was just introduced to Biluochun Tea which is very good. I am over weight and just learned from your article that green tea is used for weight loss. I am going to incorporate this in my diet. Do you have any tips? Thank you

  • I am a blood group B+ i have lacers and High Blood pressure I want to loose weight is it wise to use green tea and which type of green tea must i take.

    • TeaVivre


      Thank you very much for your reply. Sincerely sorry to hear that you have these problem.

      I think you can ask your doctor if you can drink teas. If the doctor said you can drink then you can come back to us and then I will recommend you some delicious teas to you.

      Wish you a nice day.

  • i just hope it will work, i really need what will slim me down, hope qualitea will help me i started it last week, and for how long will i get result

    • TeaVivre

      Dear Betty,

      Thank you very much for writing to us.
      Drinking teas to lose weight need a long time. While drinking teas, you also will have a good diet and have exercises. Furthermore, please do not drink teas when your stomach is empty and before you sleep. Hope you will be healthy.

  • I am having green tea from febuary 2014 . But i didnt see any changes in my body. I drink tea after 2-3 hours of a meal, is this is the reason . From Fews Day After having Tea I Felt Too Much Hungry And Have To Eat Too Much Otherwise I Feel too Much weakness. Can U Tell Me What Should i Do

    • TeaVivre

      Dear Madhurima,

      Thank you very much for writing to us.
      This is because the digestion time for different foods vary greatly inside your body. Carbohydrates are the most easily digested and are using digested by the stomach within an hour after eating your meal. Proteins take slightly longer than carbohydrates to be digested, taking up to two hours for full digestion and finally fat is the slowest to be digested by your body after a meal. In fact your body can take up to three or four hours after you’ve eaten a meal to completely digest the fat from that meal.

      Tea helps you to lose weight by helping to increase the speed of digestion. Tea will accelerate the movement of fat from the stomach to the colon without giving the fat time to be absorbed by the body. Tea can also help you to lose weight in many other ways besides increasing the speed of digestion. If drinking tea causes you to feel hungry, then you are burning fat in your body at that time, which is one of the effect of drinking tea. If this happens, have your three proper meals, however control your appetite as best as you can, and try not to eat fatty foods as tea can only remove so much residue and fat in your stomach and digestive organs.

      Hope this is helpful for you.

  • well i would like t know if i would gain all my weight again if i stop drinking green tea? is that possible or it doesnt have an effect if i stop drinking it after a while?

    • TeaVivre

      Dear Natasha,
      Thank you very much for writing to us.
      I think if you stop drinking it, it is ok. But you should keep exercising and do not eat too much fat. More information, I think you can ask your doctor. Hope this is helpful for your concern.

  • I started feeling more hungry after having green tea. Is this Normal. As i have heard that green tea supress appetite but i started feeling more hungry. I feel hungry entire day.

    • TeaVivre

      Dear Sanah,
      Thank you very much for writing to us.
      This is because the digestion time for different foods vary greatly inside your body. Carbohydrates are the most easily digested and are using digested by the stomach within an hour after eating your meal. Proteins take slightly longer than carbohydrates to be digested, taking up to two hours for full digestion and finally fat is the slowest to be digested by your body after a meal. In fact your body can take up to three or four hours after you’ve eaten a meal to completely digest the fat from that meal.
      Tea helps you to lose weight by helping to increase the speed of digestion. So that’s why you feel more hungry.
      If you have other questions, I think you’d better ask your doctor if you can drink green tea or if the tea is good for you.

  • Hello
    I just started cutting down my portion and exercising for 30-45 mins everyday. I heard green tea is very sour and so id like to know what if I do start drinking 3 times but I stop in 2-3 months? Will I gain all my weight again. And if yes, then what if I had just 1 cup after my diet?

    • TeaVivre

      Dear Natasha,

      Thank you very much for writing to us.
      If you want to drink tea for losing weight, you must be persist on drinking tea, having a good diet and excercising. Only when you persist on these. It can be obvious in losing weight. And Green tea is not sour. MOst have the flavor of fried beans, and sweet after taste. But if you really do not like green tea, you can buy Pu-erh tea. Pu-erh tea can be divided into raw pu-erh and ripened ru-erh (https://www.teavivre.com/info/tag/pu-erh/). If your stomach is good, you can choose raw pu-erh, if not, you can choose ripened one. Furthermore, you can drink tea after one hour of a meal. Hope this is helpful for your concern. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

  • Please need a help I am trying to lose weight should I drink green tea before breakfast in emty stomach or after the breakfast and meal? I also go for morning walk

    • TeaVivre

      Dear Faria,

      Thank you very much for writing to us.

      You can drink tea after one hour of a meal. And please do not drink any teas in empty stomach. Hope this is helpful for your concern.

  • Hello, so I recently sprained my ankle and have been on sick leavefor a while now. I just started taking qualitea green tea as part of my healthy diet routine so I can shed extra pounds while sitting at home. how effective will it be in helping me loose weight quickly as am not really able to excercise much. Thanks

    • TeaVivre

      Dear Victoria,
      Thank you very much for writing to us.
      I am very sorry that your ankle was injured. Tea can lose weight with exercise. So if you do not have exercise, you’d better lose weight from diet. But after one hour of your meal, you drink tea, it will help you digestion and dissolving fat. But when you take medicines, please do not drink tea in two hours or you can ask your doctor if tea have an effect on your medicines.
      Wish you recover soon.

  • can i take green tea or puer tea in the evening with an empty stomach coz im not eating supper asas part of my diet?

    • TeaVivre

      Dear Rizza, You should not drink any tea with an empty stomach, it is harmful to your stomach. Furthermore, if you want to sleep well, you ‘d better not drink teas before you sleep.

  • Does Green Tea Only Help In Loosing Weight? And How Can I Avoid Loosing Weight When Using Green Tea?

    • TeaVivre

      Daer Peace, of course, green tea has other benefits too. You can click this link to read more: https://www.teavivre.com/info/green-tea-benefits/. You can drink the green tea with light tea liquid, also you can add some sugar or honey (depond on your taste) into your tea or you can eat some dessert while drinking your tea. Hope this can help for your concern.

  • can i take green tea early in the morning in empty stomach??

    • TeaVivre

      Hello, I think you’d better not take any tea early in the morning in empty stomach, for it will be harmful to your stomach. Wish you a good health and have a nice day.

  • Can green tea make you more hungry?

    • TeaVivre

      Dear Sana, yes, it will make you more hungry. For it can improve digestion, you should not drink tea when you are hungry.

  • I was wondering if green tea can help with muscle movement in the stomach. Ive just had studies done that say my stomach digest slower than it and moves slowly. I was wondering if drinking green tea would help.

    • TeaVivre

      Dear Rose, sorry that you can not drink green tea in this occasion. However, you can choose rippened Pu-erh( must be rippened). Because ripened pu-erh is good for digestion. And after one hour of your meal, you can drink this.

  • Hi
    Plz advise, what is the correct time to have
    Green tea for slimming purpose.

    • TeaVivre

      The best drinking season of green tea is Summer. And every day you can drink teas after one hour of a meal. By the way, drinking tea alone won’t produce amazing effects. With moderate exercise, and eating healthy green tea will boost your metabolism, and help you shed unwanted weight quicker than just diet or exercise alone.

  • hi,
    i just stated drinking Qualitea green tea for weight loss. i noticed that it makes me to stool frequently and im not worried but i want to know if this will help me loss weight fast. i just weaned my baby n i really need to shed some of the extra weight i gained.

  • Drinking more than 5-6 cups of green tea from teabags.. is that okay? Or is it too much?

    • TeaVivre

      Drinking around 3-4 cups a day is ok. If you drink too much, it will impact your quality of sleeping.

  • Hiya, I’m 13 and just wondering. Can I eat in the morning, drink Green Tea. An hour later then go to school?
    Or should I drink it in the evening? If so how many hours before I go to sleep?

    • TeaVivre

      Dear, you can not drink teas immediately after one meal. You should drink teas one hour after a meal. However, when you are hungry, you also not allowed to drink any teas. If you drink in the evening it will impact your sleeping quality. Actualy, you can drink your teas at school(if allowed).

  • Here i have started to drink slim. If i leave to drink it does again i became fat n my weight will gain.

    • TeaVivre

      Hello Yasna, if you loes weight successfully by drinking slim tea, you can stop drinking if you like. But it is suggested to keep a a healthy balanced diet, and do excercise some time. This will help you to keep slim even if you stop drink the tea.

  • Hi,

    I’ve been drinking all this while and it really helps when come to weight loss.

    Well, I saw the statement regarding an hour after meal. Is it better that we drink after an hour after meal? I usually drink along with my meal.

    Moreover, I have a big drinking bottle about 2.5 L. So what I do is, i will have 4 teabags in a bottle for the whole day. Then, some of my friend telling me that, the effect of green tea will not be taken into account after several hours. Any advise on this matter? Looking forward to have your reply.

    Thank you.


    • TeaVivre

      I think you’d better drink tea an hour later after meal, based on the following reasons:
      1. It is said that the tea water can have negative effect on absorption of iron. So you’d better wait until the iron in food has been absorbed mostly in an hour after meal.
      2. After a meal, human stomach begin stimulate much gastric acid, which can be reacted with tea water (which is alkaline), this reaction is also called Neutralization reaction can cause dyspepsia.
      3.1-1.5L tea water is best for your health. Holding tea water in a bottle for several hours can definitely decrease its effect, so you’d better drink them within 6-8 hours.
      All the information above is just for your reference. Hope this can be helpful for you.

  • I’ve been browsing on-line more than 3 hours these days, but I never found any attention-grabbing article like yours. It’s beautiful worth enough for me. In my opinion, if all web owners and bloggers made just right content material as you probably did, the web will be a lot more helpful than ever before.

    • TeaVivre

      Thank you for your message, it’s my pleasure to give you some useful information to help you with your questions.
      As you know, China is the cradle of teas, which with a long history of tea and profound tea culture. One of the most important consumer goods and export goods is tea. However, most of scientific articles and news about tea is written in Chinese and Japanese.
      The article posted on our website is collected by ourselves based on scientific datas and a large amount of experience, guided by economy and objectivity.
      I am very happy that you like our articles.

  • I started drinking geen tea,and I’ve come to realize that it gives me a runing stomach. Is this normal or should I stop drinking it?

    • TeaVivre

      Hello Nicky, drinking green tea does help to digestion, makes you feel hungry quicker. It is normal so you may not worry it. However, if you feel unconfortable after drinking green tea, it should be stopped until your body feels ok to drink again or your doctor tells you to continue.

  • Does the nutritional value of tea decrease when it is prepared using K-cups? It seems logical that it does because K-cups don’t allow for steeping the tea for several minutes as in the “old-fashioned” method. Does anyone know for sure?

    • TeaVivre

      Hello Joe, we have not try to brew tea in a K-cup so we might not be sure how is the nutrition of tea in K-cup. But according to the general knowledge of tea, it is not suitable for long-time steeping, as some nutritions in tea are water-soluble. They will dissolve in the water and lose its effection after being steeped for a long time. Hope this is helpful for you.

  • I used it problem is abdominal pain and diarrhoea pls help .Using slimming green tea

    • TeaVivre

      Hello Magg, we’re sorry to hear about that. Green teas contains a large amount of tea polyphenol, which is slightly stimulating to stomach and intestine. But usually, a healthy stomach doesn’t have reaction to this slight stimulation. However, if your stomach is not strong, or you drink the tea with an empty stomach, it may causing discomfort.
      So it is suggested to check with your doctor to see if your stomach is strong or healthy enough, or if your stomach is intolerant to green tea. It’s better to decide whether to continue with green tea or not after getting a professional advice from your doctor.
      Hope you feel better now.

  • Hi i’ve been using duromine tablet for weight loss because Iam obesed but I did not loss any kilo instead I became fater. I would like to try use green tea. Which 1 can I use? Where can I get it?

    • TeaVivre

      Hello Zukie, it is good to choose green tea to lose weight in a healthier way. You can use Dragon Well green tea, Mao Feng, or other pure leaf green teas. In the mean time, it is suggested to do more exercises to help the weight loss.
      We offer these green tea on our site. You can see them here: https://www.teavivre.com/green-tea/

  • Does chinese green tea work just as well? I buy my chinese green tea in k-cup form is this ok?

    • TeaVivre

      Hello Patty, if you want to drink green tea for weight loss purpose, you may need to keep drinking it as a daily habit, and meantime do some exercise to help losing weight. Speaking on the tea itself, it’s better to have high quality teas.

  • can i use dry leaves for make green tea?

    • TeaVivre

      Hello asma, are they dry tea leaves? It must be the leaves from tea tree. Otherwise you cannot make green tea. And to make green tea, the process is better to be started with fresh tea leaves.

  • Which kind of green tea is better for weight loss? I find very useful this info but unfortunately there are too many types of green tea. Can someone help me to fin the good one?


    • TeaVivre

      Hi Anna, you can choose Longjing, or Huangshan Maofeng green tea. 🙂

  • where can i buy this and how much…i want to lose weight

  • I will like to lose weight, where can i get this product in Johannesburg or Pretoia

    • TeaVivre

      We are the online tea shop. Our market is all around the world. So you can buy product on our site, and we will ship to your country. Thank you.

  • zia

    love your website its very nice and helpful to know more about tea products. I did a lot of work in bangladesh teagarden Under Duncan Brothers ltd. 🙂 :^) 😉

    • TeaVivre

      Thank you for your support.:)


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