How to Brew with a Gaiwan

A small Gaiwan embodies a small world, which contains the truth told by ancient philosophers “Sky covers it, earth carries it, and man nurtures it”.

People who drink teas must be familiar with Gaiwan, which is most commonly used tea set. The greatest advantage is that it can control the water temperature and brewing time. It is almost suitable for brewing all kinds of teas, so it is known as “universal tea set” in tea world.

Step 1: Warm tea set

Pour hot water into Gaiwan and then pour the water into the small tea cups. The aim is to clean the tea set and keep the tea set warm.

Step 2: Put in tea

According to the actual situation, put the right amount of tea in the Gaiwan.

Step 3: Rinse tea

After the tea is put into Gaiwan, pour the water in. So that the tea leaves are fully moistened and heated. Then pour out the tea liquid.

Step 4: Infuse tea

Add hot water slowly with the proper temperature to ensure the uniformity of tea.

Step 5: Pour tea

Pour the brewed tea liquid into tea pitcher to avoid uneven thickness. It also should be poured out quickly and completely.

Step 6: Serve tea

Share the tea to cups with the tea pitcher

Step 7: Savor tea

First observe the color of tea liquid, and then smell the flavor, at last taste the tea.


While many tea friends first use Gaiwan to brew, it is very easy to hurt fingers. Some even can’t hold Gaiwan and knock over it. Here are some suggestions to help you use Gaiwan for easy.

• Don’t fill the Gaiwan up to the edge.

• Adjust the gaps between bowl and lid.


• When you hold Gaiwan to pour tea, use the thumb and middle fingers hold the edge of bowl, press the button of lid with index finger and try not to touch gaiwan with the rest two fingers.


• Naturally and smoothly turn your wrist while pouring tea, drop shoulders and elbows.

Mastering the skills and knowledge of brewing tea is the necessary process of loving and studying tea. Only through careful deliberation and repeated practices, you can gradually accumulate experience and then enjoy the aroma, sweetness and mellowness of tea.

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