How to Season a Nixing Pottery Teapot

Like Yixing and Jianshui Zitao teapots, Nixing clay teapots keep the tea reside fragrance in the teapot over time, so we recommend that the teapot be seasoned before they are used to brew tea.

10 Classic Shapes Of Nixing Teapots

The 10 classic Nixing teapots are: Shi Piao Teapot, Chun Gong Teapot, Xi Shi Teapot, Duo Qiu Teapot, Fang Gu Teapot, Jing Lan Teapot, Qin Quan Teapot, Zhu Duan Teapot, Ban Yue Teapot and Dragon Egg Teapot.