Craft of Making Flowering Tea (Blooming Tea)

Flowering teas, or sometimes called “blooming teas”, are a combination of tea leaves and various types of flowers such as
Globe Amaranth, Marigold, Lily and Jasmine, skillfully tied together into bundles that are painstakingly designed to unfurl into beautiful, artful shapes when brewed. Given this, they should be brewed directly in a tall clear glass or glass teapot, so you can enjoy both the taste and the artistic display.

Using well-selected Fujian Silver Needles and dehydrated flowers as materials, such as Globe Amaranth, Yellow Chrysanthemum, Jasmine, Lilies, Marigold and Carnation etc., the series of flower tea is carefully made with the combination of unique handicraft and modern technology.

Flower Tea

Flower Tea

Flower Tea in Teapot

Flower Tea in Teapot

Flower tea combines the features of color, smell and flavor both of tea and flower, which is a kind of well-known Chinese Tea. This distinct characteristic has drew a lot of attentions from tea lovers.

Process of making Flowering tea (Blooming Tea)

Flower tea combines the flavor of flower and tea, meanwhile brings people a strong experience of its bright color. The choose of materials and the making methods of flower tea has greatly affected this special effect.

Tea Buds

The tea buds hug the flower in the middle. Those tea buds are made in complete process of producing green tea (picking, shaqing (kill green), rolling and drying).


After picking, fresh flowers should be dehydrated (by natural air-dried and machine air-dried) before the next process. Besides, The flower must be picked in integrity, meanwhile in the best picking time. Thus the quality of flower tea products could be mostly guaranteed.


When the quality of materials was ensured, we would then select qualified Silver Needles Green tea and dehydrated flowers. Pick out a certain amount of Silver Needles, bundle the bottom, then put dehydrated flower in the middle and cover it with the tea outside. In the end sew the top.


  • Choose dehydrated tea and flower with complete shape and bright color;
  • Most flower tea weight 6 to 10 grams.
    A professional person can make 2.5kgs Flowering Tea in one day.
  • In order to give the flower a complete blossom when brewed flower tea, our technicians will skillfully needle the bottom of the flowers, then bind tea and flower together before carefully neatening the Silver Needle tea buds. Consequently the beauty of the tea would be performed well in this way.
  • The varying shape of different Flower Tea is represented by different sewing methods.
  • You can see from the picture, that there is a little scales in front of each technician. With the scales they can accurately control the weight of every single Flower Tea.
  • Bind

The secret of blossomy flowers

During the producing process, some tiny spaces were specially made between petals and petals, between tea buds and flowers. Therefore when brewing, air in those spaces will expand because of heat, then flowers will come out by themselves.

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