An’xi Tie Guan Yin by Manual Crafting

Completely Hand-Made and Hand Picked Tie Guan Yin. Rolling into small ball shape, this oolong is evenly, which has a wonderful forest green color. It tastes sweet and gives you orchid flavor when drinking.

Anxi Superfine Tie Guan Yin “Iron Goddess” Oolong Tea

Life in downtown is busy. Take a trip to the nature will get you rid of the noise and annoy. A small town named Huqiu in An’xi is such a place. Imagine that you are enjoying a brew in the wonderful scenery of nature. Green tea leaves are rolling over in the spring water in your gaiwan; the mellow aroma floats with gentle breeze travelling through the tea trees. You will forget yourself in the fascinating view in Huqiu Tea Garden.

hutou huqiu orgin tea gardenHu Tou Tea Garden in HuQiu, Anxi.
The origin tea Leaf of our Anxi Superfine Tie Guan Yin is from here.

Farmers work in their tea gardens. Every morning at 11 is the picking time. Tea farmers will decide the grade of the Tie Guan Yin about to make based on the fresh tea leaves’ amount and quality. Tea farmer Chen Biyi said this Tie Guan Yin is totally manually made. The taste of tea will differ according to different fresh tea leaves and time of fixation. Rolling and Panning before 12 a.m. is called Zheng Chao. Zheng Chao Tie Guan Yin has high aroma, green and glossy color, full and tight shape. The leaf is thick, soft and tenacious.

Like most Tie Guan Yin tea, this An’xi Tie Guan Yin will taste better if use 7 grams to 14 grams’ amount.

anxi handmadetieguanyin
To brew with gaiwan, you can use 7 grams. According to our Brewing Guide, take 5 seconds to rinse, and 15 to 35 seconds to first infusion. You may adjust the time depend on your favor. The second infusion and those afterwards should add 5 to 15 seconds to each.

Other tea wares can be used as well. Just take some of the teas by your choice and then infuse them in the water. Normally 7 grams could use about 120ml / 3.5oz water.

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