Updating to Twelve Pieces Mixed Flower Teas – 2 New Flowering Teas Are Online

TeaVivre always do our best to improve our service. TeaVivre has been kept working on upgrading the catalog of our products. The two new flower tea is just for the coming christmas day.

Flower tea is made by hand with the silver needle green tea and the natural dehydrated flower. The liquor of the flower tea is light greenish yellow, clean and bright. The taste is fresh, mellow and sweet aftertaste. The brewed tea leaf is fresh green. When brewed, it has the fragrance of tea and the sweet smell of flower. It is really a sumptuous spectacle for your eyeballs!

Flower tea is a special beverage for any occasion, especial for festival and wedding. This time we released another four kinds of flower tea following the two kinds of flower tea we released on November. TeaVivre carefully selected the two news kinds of flower tea from many flower teas by brewing and tasting them.

  • They are grown in Hulin(湖林), Fuding, Fujian, China
  • They has a fragrant, sweet taste, lingering flower scent mixed with tea flavor
  • You need Glass Cup: 10cm in height, over 7cm in diameter.

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