TeaVivre actions to ensure safety of TeaVivre Members and Customer Orders against the coronavirus

We stop shipment from Xiamen warehouse, U.S. Warehouse orders are in normal delivery (only deliver to US address).

To all my dear tea lovers, TeaVivre members, families and friends.

Thank you for your long time support for TeaVivre.

We feel so regret for the recent coronavirus emergency. There’re so many discuss and criticisms around us and on the internet. What we care most now is the safety of our members and customers. We must take everyone’s safety being a priority. We all hope everything will be in controlled and come to normal.

Although we don’t have any product from Wuhan or Hubei, considering the concern and safety of our customers and our colleagues. We decided to stop all the work of our Xiamen warehouse until further notice. We will continue evaluate the situation of the coronavirus and will restart the shipment until any potential risks are eliminated and controlled.

For the orders that can’t ship from our Xiamen Warehouse, we have either refund the order or keep the order (as customer wish) until the shipment resumes. Many customers sent us email concerning about our safety. Thanks for all your concern. Everyone in our TeaVivre team are well, and now we all work online from home. We will all stay safe and well during this difficult time and will continue providing best quality teas and teawares to all our tea lover friends once everything comes into normal.

Some customers also write to us regarding the safety of the teas that is already in transit. I would like to explain that our products are produced in Spring or Autumn and we complement the stock in Spring or Autumn. So please take it easy, all our teas are totally safe.

Furthermore, there’re still some stock in our USA warehouse and these teas are still in normal delivery (only deliver to US address). You can check:

Sorry for any inconvenience to you. We will inform you if there’s any further new progress.

Thanks again for your understanding and support.

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