Shapes of green tea

The brief introduction of typical shapes of green tea as well as their respective representatives.

Made from leaves from Camellia sinensis, green tea has undergone minimal oxidation during processing. Represented by the famous Longjing tea, green tea has the typical features such as green dry leaves, greenish liquid and fresh taste.

Except for the above typical features, green tea in fact has multiple shapes in appearance due to their fresh leave shapes and processing methods.3

Flat shape green tea

Flat shape

Flat and straight, smooth surface Dragon Well, Zhu Ye Qing (bamboo leaf green)

Longjing tea

Sheet shape green tea

Sheet shape

Flat shaped leaf, loose, straight, long and narrow Liu An Gua pian tea

Liu An Guapian tea

Strip type green tea

Strip type green tea

Strip shape, evenly and orderly Huang Shan Mao Feng tea
Lu shan yun wu ( Clouds and mist )tea,

Lu Shan Yun Wu Green Tea

Needle-like (pine needle shape)

pine needle shape

Tight and slender, fine and straight,bearing some resemblance to pine needle or silver needle Xinyang Maojian Tea,
Yuhua tea

Xin yang Maojian tea

Yu hua tea

Orchid shape green tea

Orchid shape green tea

Tight and slender,
Fine and straight,
bearing some resemblance orchid

Taiping Houkui Tea (Green Tea)

Tai Ping Hou Kui HouKeng

Bird's tongue shape

Bird's tongue shape

Flat bud
Like bird's tongue

Taiping Houkui Tea (Green Tea)

Huang Shan Mao Feng

Curly twisted type green tea

Curly twisted type green tea

fine and curly
tightly curled
coated with tiny white hair

Bi Luo Chun tea, Du Yun Mao Jian Tea

Bi Luo Chun tea

Bead shape green tea

Bead shape

Bead, small ball,

Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea,
Jasmine Downy Dragon Pearls Green Tea

Jasmine Downy Dragon Pearls Green Tea

Zha hua (flower) shape

Zha hua (flower) shape

Flower shape like peony or chrysanthemum.

Huang Shan green peony

Huang shan green peony tea

There are numerous teas in different shapes. So, it is hard for us to judge a tea's quality objectively by only referring to its appearance. In other words, your overall survey should be based on the analysis of delicacy, weight, evenness, humidity and etc.

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