Compare Different Grades of Tea Leaves and Tea Plucking Method

In the previous episode, Chris introduces general information about the Qiandao Organic Tea Garden. In this episode, Chris will bring us further information about different grades of tea leaves, as well as the correct tea-plucking method.

When we are plucking teas, the grade is very important, different grade of tea leaves will be made to different grade of teas.

Here are three grades of tea leaves:
The one on the left, one bud with a tiny leaf is used to make top-grade tea, which has a floral fragrance and a sweet taste.
The one in the middle, one bud with one or two leaves, is used to make the second grade, which we call the superfine grade.
The one on the right, one bud with two or three leaves that will be used to make regular-grade tea.

Three Grades of Tea Leaves

When plucking tea, do not “pinching” by fingernails.
It is a wrong plucking way as most beginners do.

Tea Plucking Pinching

The correct method is “Lift-plucking” by finger pulp.

Tea Plucking Lift

If there’s any other thing you want to know, you can leave a comment, and let’s consider bringing you these in future tea garden episodes.

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