How to Start Eating Healthy

Is losing weight, getting fit,healthy or boosting your immune system important to you? Well having a solid, clean diet is the first and most important step in making that happen!

Is losing weight, getting fit,healthy or boosting your immune system important to you? Well having a solid, clean diet is the first and most important step in making that happen!

Without a stable diet your entire body will run at an inbalance – your hormones, energy levels, sleep and just about everything your body does responds to what you put in your mouth.

Without a clean diet, it’s is virtually impossible to improve any of these aspects, so how do you make the switch to clean eating that’ll change your body for the better?

Learn what Healthy is!

There are endless fad diets and approaches towards finding what works. Most of them are complicated, hard to follow and simply do not work.

In reality, a healthy approach is a lot easier!

Since farming and civilisation, the human diet as slowly deteriorated, with a sharp decline in the last 20 years. The reason? Food keeps getting worse and worse because the handling and production is unless natural than before.

Everything must be boxed up and preserved so it can be shipped around the country, put onto a shelf and sold to you and not go rotten before you even open that box! This process of preservation, along with added flavours and various other ‘commercial’ procedures really destroy the quality of our food.

The truth is that our bodies want natural food.

Natural food

Natural food

Forget the muesli bars, chips, soft drink and even things like bread or wheaties (repeat after me – “Grains are bad!”). Start focusing on healthy meats, eggs, fruit and vegetables – the staples of a primal diet!

If you want to have a perfectly clean diet, sticking to those 4 things as your food intake will do it. Aim for perfection – aim to eat only those things and you’ll be set. Of course there are other exceptions like dietary supplements and drinks like tea.

So now you know how, you must apply!

Start Substituting food!

When I first tried to clean up my diet, I found that food wasn’t the issue for me – I had a major soft drink addiction!



Like any addiction (sugar, alcohol or anything), going cold turkey can work, but it’s very difficult! I turned to green tea as a substitute for soft drink. When I wanted a can of Coke, I poured a cup of tea. From there my appreciation of tea grew while my stomach shrank…

..and it wasn’t even that hard!

Why? Because substitution gives your cravings an answer and makes it easier to ‘go without’. So start by analyzing your diet, find out what your biggest weaknesses are and address them first. If you have a chocolate every day, exchange it for an apple.

If you go to McDonalds for dinner 3 times a week, find a nice place that sells a cooked meal based around a healthy serving of meat and vegetables – you’re still eating out and enjoying yourself. Each week add one more substitution to your daily eating habits and improve your food intake over time.

This approach takes the shock out of a ‘cold turkey’ plan of attack and makes it much simpler to follow. Eating healthy and being fit is a constantly changing and evolving process as you must tweak and make small improvements for the rest of your life!

If you stop moving forward, you’ll start moving backwards. So read up and stay interested as you’ll become more passionate about being health and fitness if you start to learn as well as see results.

Create Back up Plans

Now that your primary eating routine has been replaced with a clean and healthy diet, you must prepare for when times get tough.

light food

light food

You run out of food at home, you get stuck at work, you find yourself at a party surrounded by tempting junk food – what do you do??

Take backup food to work, learn the locations of healthy food stores and cafes – be aware of your options. If you find there are none – I highly recommend fasting.

Fasting once a week is good for you organs and has many other benefits, but it’s also a practical way to train your mind not to ‘need’ food constantly. If you’re set on eating healthy and you’re at a party surrounded by bowls of chips, candy, soft drink and other junk food items – exercise your willpower and simply don’t eat.

Of course, if you haven’t eaten any junk for a few weeks – a simple ‘cheat night’ won’t kill you either. So don’t beat yourself up if you fail to keep on track – just pick up the pieces as soon as you can and keep going.

Make it a part of your lifestyle

Ultimately, it’s all about lifestyle. Make permanent changes an d do your very best to be clean and healthy every day.

Remember to accept failure. Failure is not th e end it’s simply a bump in the road. Failures are experience by every single person on the planet, so learn from each lesson by determining how your failure could have been avoided, and keep that aside for the next time you face a similar situation.

Keep learning, keep bettering yourself, and stay motivated. The game is more of a mental challenge than anything else but it’s extremely rewarding. Good luck!

Keep fitness

Keep fitness

For more health & fitness tips please visit my website – Fitness for Humans! Thanks for reading!

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