The Physical Effects of Drinking Tea

Drinking tea has many health benefits, like Keeping Cool While Drinking Hot Tea. But we would like to discuss some of the more common physical effects of drinking tea which makes it such a beneficial beverage.

Tea can be classified into Green, Black, White, Oolong, Puerh, Yellow and Flowering tea. Drinking tea has many health benefits, but we would like to discuss some of the more common physical effects of drinking tea which makes it such a beneficial beverage. Drinking tea can quench thirst, however some people experience the opposite and feel even more thirsty while drinking tea. How can this happen and why does it happen to some people but not others?


Keeping Cool While Drinking Hot Tea

When you are drinking a cup of hot tea during the summer, all of your body will feel cool, and your mouth will produce excess saliva. And there are different reasons for feeling cool while drinking hot tea, and the excess production of saliva in your mouth.

Hot Teas Cooling Effects

The reason your body will still feel cool after drinking a cup of hot tea, whether during the summer or winter, is because of the caffeine in the tea. Caffeine helps to transform fat in the body into energy, causing you to sweat, yet not feel hot. That is one of the reasons tea is touted as a weight loss aid because the calories can be burnt away by drinking hot tea.


British scientists ran an experiment concerning drinking hot tea on a hot day. The tests were conducted using an infrared thermometer which found subjects skins to be less than 0.5℃ when they drank cold drinks. If they drank the same amount of iced tea, the temperature of their skin fell from 0.5℃ to 0.8℃ after 9 minutes. When the test subjects drank the same amount of warm tea, their skin temperature actually fell to 1℃. Finally the test subjects were given the same amount of hot tea to drink, and amazingly their skin temperature decreased to an amazing 1.5℃~2℃. This experiment goes to show that drinking hot tea can actually cool you off better than cold drinks.

Saliva Production

After drinking teas, most people experience increased saliva production in their mouth because of the polyphenols in the tea as well as sugars, amino acids, pectin and vitamins which promote saliva productions. It also is because of the extra water in your body after drinking many teas, because tea is also very hydrating.

Drinking Tea Making You Feel Thirsty?


A strange effect of teas is that with some teas, people will feel thirsty even when drinking plenty of the tea, while for others, tea can quench thirst. Sometimes this can be a physiological reaction due to dehydration if your body is lacking in water content or electrolytes. The contents of the actual tea, the type of tea and fermentation level can all affect the effects of drinking tea.

The caffeine in the tea which also causes the cooling effect is also a natural diuretic which causes strong kidney and urinary function. It also opens the vessels in the kidneys speeding up the flow of blood in your body. Because of the caffeine's diuretic effects, drinking tea can also cause frequent urination.

Gongfu tea has a higher concentration of tea in the water so that may actually cause slight dehydration in the body, and along with the diuretic effects of the caffeine it can cause you to feel thirsty even while drinking tea. To reduce or eliminate this, drink purified or mineral water while enjoying your tea to keep your body properly hydrated and enjoy your tea thoroughly.

  • M

    This ‘article’ is ridiculous and its conclusions are hugely subjective. As an example…

    The reason hot drinks are often more cooling – given enough time – than cold drinks is due to your own body’s regulatory processes. A cold drink causes the body to compensate by using energy to normalize (heat up, in this case). So while it might feel cooling for a second or two, you’ll quickly want another sip.

    A hot drink, on the other hand, will cause the body to sweat further, which is how it regulates body temp in the other direction… cooling. Now, *initially* it might feel hotter but within 10 minutes (can’t remember exactly, been awhile since I saw that study), the body has sweat more, and when the sweat evaporates the body is much cooler overall, inside and out (out meaning the skin).

    On a hot day, you aren’t gonna escape the heat in a meaningful way for a meaningful length of time. But to feel cooler, longer, a nice warm tea beats an iced one.

    Caffeine doesn’t “transform” anything. Sheesh….

    • TeaVivre

      Thanks for your detailed explanation.

      I agree with your statement about how the warm drink makes us feel cooler.

      About caffeine, as far as I know, caffeine has an effect of increasing the concentration of fatty acids in our blood, and once the concentration of fatty acids in the blood increases, the fatty acids can easily absorbed by our muscles and consumed in a way that converts into body energy. Howvere the caffeine content in tea is low, so the effect may be slight.

      Thanks for your opinion, and if you have any further question, please feel free to contact us, we are willing to learn more with you!

  • If i drink Green Tea on a average dose of 2 cups a day, how much will it increase my metabolism and my fat burning process.

    • TeaVivre

      Thanks for your question.

      Green tea is not oxidized during its processing and it’s also famed by well-researched health benefits that make it a great beverage to include in your diet. I’m not sure how much it will increase metabolism and fat burning process. However, research do shows drink with a cup of green tea, and you can save at least 150 calories per day.

      If you want to get the best result of weight lose, we highly recommend you to ombine with some exercise, maybe three days per week, which would be a great help for you to slim down or maintain a healthy weight.

      Hope it helps!

  • What is the best tea to drink for anti-inflammation

    • TeaVivre

      Thanks for your question.

      Research shows that both green tea and Oolong tea have the function of anti-inflammation. If you’re interested in, I suggest you can try some Long Jing, Bi Luo Chun, and Tie Guan Yin as well. However, if your situation looks serious, please go to the hospital for professional help. After all, tea treatment is very slow process.

      Hope it’s helpful for you.

  • Tea is a calorie free drink.
    It increases metabolism also.

  • Ah, this was educational! And answered my questions.
    I had about 5 cups of tea last evening (my new Oolong – Te guanin – just arrived and I had to have some and it was so delicious I couldn’t have only 1 cup) and I was feeling weirded out about how thirsty I was all night and in the morning. I had to drink so much water to quench my thirst and was feeling a bit dehydrated.
    So it seems it was because I used a lot of leaves, like you’d do in a Kong Fu ceremony. I’ll know from now on to also have some water on the side so I’d not get dehydrated, thank you. 🙂

  • Does drinking tea will blackens the skin?

    • TeaVivre

      Hello, please do not worry. Drinking tea will not blacken the skin.

  • Is true that frinking tea can reduce excess fats ?

    • TeaVivre

      yes, but you should insist of drink one kind of tea, such as raw pu-erh.

  • Did drinking more than 2milk-tea per day causes blood pressure or any other diseases

    • TeaVivre

      In my opinion, it will not cause blood pressure or any other diseases. But you should make sure that the milk and tea are fresh. More information about this you can ask for a doctor.

  • Does drinking iced tea make you sweat a lot

    • TeaVivre

      No, of course not make you sweat. It will be very cool. By the way, you can add honey or sugar in it.

  • HJ

    Why is it that I am able to drink Coca-cola all day and not have the same diuretic effect as drinking a lesser or comparable amount of black or herbal tea?

    • TeaVivre

      Hello HJ, green tea/ black tea is diuretic because it contains a lot of aromatic substance and caffeine, and amino acid. The combined effect of these substances helps to increase the filtration rate of glomerular, which results an increasing on urine volume.
      But coca-cola doesn’t have the natural aromatic substance or amino acid at all. That’s why it cannot work as tea.

  • does tea increase urine production?

    • TeaVivre

      Hi Vivi, yes tea does help to increase urine production.

  • I want to known the bad side effect in body system

    • TeaVivre

      Hello Chibueze, drinking tea doesn’t do much bad side effect in body if you keep a proper habit of drinking tea. What we say a proper habit for drinking tea, is to drink light tea, do not drink too much, do not drink tea during meal or when you’re taking medicine.
      However, if you drink too-heavy tea for a long time, it will affect the digestion system, may cause dyspepsia. So it’s better not to drink heavy tea too often.

  • What kind of tea is best for cooling the body or for this kind of hazy weather?

    • TeaVivre

      hi noora. If you want to drink tea in hot in summer, you can choose green tea, white tea and oolong tea. They are cooler in characteristic and are more suitable for summer drinking than pu-erh and black tea. Among the three kinds of tea, green tea has the strongest effection of cooling the body. And if you want to try some tea in iced, you can make iced tea with these teas.

  • is it okay? to boil the tea in a pot.than pouring hot water in a cup?

    for 1 teaspoon, i can make 1 liter tea and after cooling put it in the refrigerator as ice cold tea.


    • TeaVivre

      It is okay to boil the tea. But it is not suggest to boil for too long, better less than 3 minutes. Thus the Vitamine and polyphenol in the Tie Guan Yin could be kept as much as possible. Also the tea’s flavor and taste could remain good. You can refrigerate the tea liquid, but better not longer than one day. Other wise the benefitial substances in the liquid may disappear or change completely.

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