Benefits of Chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum tea (Chinese: 菊花茶) is a flower-based infusion beverage made from Chrysanthemum flowers of the species Chrysanthemum morifolium (Chinese: 杭菊) or Chrysanthemum indicum (野菊花), which are mostly present in East Asia, mostly especially in China.

Chrysanthemum tea (Chinese: 菊花茶) belongs to Chrysanthemum flowers of the species Chrysanthemum morifolium or Chrysanthemum indicum, which can be used in medicinal field, including an aid in recovery from influenza, acne and as a “cooling” herb.

Chrysanthemum tea is made from dried chrysanthemum flowers. You can easily make it by adding hot water in 3 grams of dried chrysanthemum flowers; let the mix steep for 5 minutes. Sometimes, rock sugar or cane sugar is also added, and occasionally also wolfberries to strength its taste.

The Chinese medicinal practice included the use of herbs as a major part of the treatment. The Chinese knew that a soothing cup of this warm golden brown tea can do magic. Let’s take a closer look its nutritional benefits and 10 main health benefits of Chrysanthemum tea.

Chrysanthemum tea acts as a natural coolant and has been talked about in the ancient Chinese medicinal science. A person will benefit a lot by having Chrysanthemum tea every day.

Clear internal heat

Chrysanthemum tea has calming effects which reduce the physical and mental stress. It is a natural coolant hand helps in lowering the temperature of the body when suffering from most common physical complaints such as acne, pharyngitis, cold headache, dental ulcer. A cup of Chrysanthemum tea may provide relief when you feel uncomfortable and surprise you.

Protect eyes

Chrysanthemum tea is also a good source of Vitamin Bs like choline, folacin, niacin as well as riboflavin. It also contains Vitamin C which reduces the risks of scurvy and protects the eyes.
Drinking Chrysanthemum tea helps in providing relief in sore throat, redness in the eyes, itchiness in the eyes, dryness in the eyes and dark sport in the eye area. Chrysanthemum tea can not only improve eyesight but also help you keep calm. So, Chrysanthemum tea is especially suitable for people who often stay up late.

Remove Toxins

One major use of Chrysanthemum tea in traditional medicine is as a detoxifier. The antioxidants in the tea target both the liver and the kidneys. The antioxidants promote the health of these essential organs and keep them working. This helps them cleanse your blood of toxins and remove them from your body. The tea’s diuretic properties help speed this process even further. The antibacterial properties of the tea also help your body fight infection.


Ancient Chinese physicians discovered the benefits of Chrysanthemum tea and it has been shown to strength the teeth and bones and has anti-aging properties. Minerals contained in Chrysanthemum like calcium and iron can help strengthen bones and helps in the transportation of oxygen through the blood. Other trace elements include magnesium which is required by more than hundred kinds of bodily functions as well as potassium which is needed for cardiovascular functioning and stabilizing the blood pressure.

But there are some considerations that you should take into account. Chrysanthemum is slightly cool in property. Chrysanthemum tea is not for patients who have spleen deficiency or suffer from diarrhea frequently should avoid drinking Chrysanthemum tea. Not recommended for pregnant women due to its strong effects.

  • When I infuse the chrisentemum tea, it tends to turn green after a few hours. Is that a normal reaction ?

    • TeaVivre

      Thank you for your question.
      There are many reasons would make the chrysanthemum tea turn green:
      1. If you brew it too long or the water is too hot, it may make the chlorophyll separate out, the chlorophyll would make the tea looks green.
      2.Some ions in the water react with substances in the chrysanthemum, It still may make the tea looks green.
      If the tea became green very soon, such as in 1 hour, it may have additives. You’d better don’t drink it. It takes few hours, it maybe cause by the reason i mentioned above.
      Whatever, even it’s not the additives, once the tea became green, you’d better don’t drink the green chrysanthemum tea. At least it wouldn’t have too much nutrients any more.
      Hope it helps.

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