How to brew Bailin Gongfu Black Tea

Bailin Gongfu is different from usual black tea. After brewing it get beautiful red color and refreshing taste. This tea is quite unique as it is picked, processed and finally made with a very complicated procedure.

Brewing Bailin Gongfu in Western Style

In Western way of brewing Bailin Gongfu tea, a glass teapot is used which makes the procedure quite simple and less time taking i.e. ideal for busy taste lovers.   Just get a glass teapot, put 2-3 teaspoons of tea in that.   For a stronger taste, you can add more as well.

Now pour 90ºC heated hot water into the teapot and let it brew for 2 to 3 minutes at least.  Temperature of the water does matter for Bailin Gongfu as higher temperature can make the taste bitter.

After brewing pour the tea into the cups or glass and enjoy the taste with the storms of aromas.

If you want some different taste, you may add lemon, milk or even honey to bring some amazing variations in the awesome taste of Bailin Gongfu.   But no doubt this Western style of brewing Bailin Gongfu can’t give you the fullest taste.   To enjoy the real taste, you will have to try the Gaiwan brewing method which is the classic one.

Gaiwan Method

Gaiwan is the traditional Chinese teapot.  For Gaiwan method of brewing Bailin Gongfu, first of all prepare the tea set and then put 1-2 teaspoons of tea into the tea holder.   In traditional way, you can’t make tea without cleansing the tea set.   Clean the Gaiwan and cups with hot water.

Now put the tea from the tea holder into the Gaiwan.   Get the water hot up to 85ºC and pour it into the Gaiwan. Add just enough water that can cover the leaves.   Pour this liquor into the fair cups.   This one is not for drink but wake up the leaves. And pouring this tea into cup will just warm and clean the cups.

Now pour about 90 ºC hot water into Gaiwan and brew again for 2-3 minutes.   For stronger taste you may increase the time a bit.   After brewing, pour the tea or liquor into the fair cups and then into the tea cups and enjoy the real taste of Bailin Gongfu.   In the similar way you can brew the same leaves for 6 to 7 times and it won’t lose its taste and smell.

Glass Method

It is somewhat similar to the traditional Chinese method.  Difference is just of teapot.  Prepare the tea sets and then clean the pots with hot water.  You may do it by adding hot water into the teapot and then use this liquor to clean the cups.  It will not only wake the leaves but it will wash away the impurities as well and it will clean the cups too.

Now add 85-90ºC hot water into the tea and brew it for a certain time according to your taste requirement.

After that add the brewed tea into the glass tea cups and enjoy the ultimate taste of Bailin Goungfu.

While working hard with the mind, a cup of brewed Bailin Goungfu will refresh your mind and you will be ready again for the work.  Its sweet mild taste with awesome fragrance will fill you with a delight which will give you the power to stay fresh and strong.

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