How to Brew an Enjoyable Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh tea was produced from the southwest in china, Yunnan Province is especially known by people. Pu-erh tea not only has special old smells and color, but also its hairdressing and beauty your face, loosing the weight, nourishing the stomach and reduced-fat let more and more people fall in love with it.

Pu-erh tea is considered a fermented tea, and it’s color is a deep reddish-brown tone. The taste is mellow and earthy. There are many ways in which to brew Pu-erh tea, and in the following example we will brew “ripe” Pu-erh tea as it is the easiest to brew. Due to the way Pu-erh is processed, we will first wash the Pu-erh tea to rinse away any impurities acquired during processing so that the flavor of the liquor is purely that of the Pu-erh tea itself.

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How To Brew Pu-Erh Tea In Chinese Way

Puerh tea usually can be brewed by glass teapot, Chinese gaiwan and yixing teapot. The video will show you how to make a perfect cup of puerh tea by yixing teapot. What we choose is a ripe Puerh cake from Fengqing, use the tea pin to break a piece of tea from relative looser corner.


First step: wash and pre-warm teasets

Pouring boiling water to wash and pre-warm the teapot, tea filter, serving pitcher and teacups.
The purpose is to keep the teasets clean and make the teapot keep warm so that the tea leaves easily to brew its origin essence.

warm teapot

warm teapot

Second step: Rinse tea

Put the tea into the Yixing teapot and pour boiling water, it doesn’t need too much water this time, just cover the tea leaves.

rinse the tea

rinse the tea

The rinse step can help washing and waking up your tea leaves. (more about rinse the tea) The rinsing time should be only 2 to 3 seconds.

rinse the tea

rinse the tea

Second rinse

Ripe Pu-erh Tea usually needs to be rinsed two times because it has a piling process. Raw Pu-erh Tea only to be rinsed one time. After that, you can discard the water which is not for drink.

second rinse the tea

second rinse the tea

Now it’s time to brew the Pu-erh Tea.

Pour boiling water full of the teapot and then brush away the bubbles floating in the water with the lid of the teapot.

brew puerh

brew puerh

Pour water on the lid of the teapot to keep the temperature of the teapot.

Enjoyable Pu-erh Tea -rinse the tea

After 10-20 seconds when the water on the lid is dry you can pour out the tea for drinking.

Enjoyable Pu-erh Tea -rinse the tea

Usually Puerh tea can brewed more than ten infusions, higher quality tea more infusions.

Enjoyable Pu-erh Tea -rinse the tea

The following infusions should add more 5-10 seconds brewing time.

Enjoyable Pu-erh Tea -rinse the tea

Brewing Pu-erh Tea in the Traditional Chinese Method

In preparation for brewing your Pu-erh tea in the traditional Chinese way, you will need to gather several materials, which include your gaiwan, or covered bowl, which is used to hold the tea and brew the tea leaves in. You will also need what is called a “fair cup” which you will pour the brewed Pu-erh tea into before serving it into your teacups, which you will need as well. Finally you will need your loose-leaf-pu-er tea leaves. Brewing Pu-erh tea, the temperature of the water is especially important when brewing Pu-erh tea in the traditional Chinese method. Be sure that your water is at or around 212 ℉. The liquor itself is a bright red-brown color which is clear and very deeply mellow and earthy. You will notice with each re-brewing of the leaves, the brewed tea will change its character and flavor with each cup, and your Pu-erh leaves can be re-brewed many different times, each resulting in a slightly different cup of tea. The brewing method is the same as brewing it by zhisha tapot.

Western way of brewing Pu-erh tea

Four Easy Steps for Brewing Pu-erh Tea in Western Way

1. Choose the Pu-erh tea you would like to brew and place it in your teapot.

2. After rinsing the leaves once with hot water for a few seconds then discarding the water, as mentioned above to rid the tea of any impurities, add hot water to brew the leaves in.

3. Fresh spring water or purified water is the best choice, and the hotter the temperature of the water, the stronger the resulting brew will become, so you can control the resulting tea’s flavor and depth.

4. Brew your Pu-erh tea for approximately 2 minutes, then serve as desired.

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More Info About Puerh Tea

    • The origin place of puerh tea

      Pu-erh tea, which has a long history of chinese for thousands of years, has been produced in the Yunnan Province of Southwest China. The Yunnan Province is a popular mecca for tea and well-known for it’s quality teas around the world. Because Pu-erh tea is a finely aged tea, similarly to wine vintages, Pu-erh tea grows in flavor and value over time, and acquires special aromas and color with aging.

    • Puerh tea health benefits and weight lose

      Pu-erh tea is also known for being beneficial in many other ways, such as being healthy for your hair, skin and face, and is also very widely known as a weight loss tea, to help lose weight in combination with a healthy diet and exercise. Pu-erh tea also nourishes the stomach and helps to burn fat while reducing levels of bad cholesterol in your bloodstream. Because of the intoxicating aroma and flavor of Pu-erh tea as well as all of its purported benefits, many people enjoy a good Pu-erh tea.

    • Puerh tea has different shapes

      Pu-erh tea also comes in many different shapes. It can be found in loose leaf form, or more often compressed into tea cakes (also called “Bing” or “Bingcha” in China) or “tuo cha” or tea bricks. There are also different varieties of Pu-erh tea, including ripened and unripened Pu-erh tea. The article Understanding the Difference between Raw Pu-erh Tea and Ripe Pu-erh Tea will help you to know the difference between Raw Pu-erh and Ripe Pu-erh. Because many Pu-erh teas come in compressed form, it is often required that you pry the compressed Pu-erh tea flakes from the cake or brick to brew the tea. Please read our article on how to pry the compressed tea in a Pu-erh tea brick or cake.

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Some Other Ways of Drinking Pu-erh Tea:

There are also several different ways to serve Pu-erh tea. Some people new to Pu-erh tea may prefer to brew or serve their Pu-erh tea differently, such as with this recipe for Milk Pu-erh with Bee Honey:

First brew your Pu-erh tea with hot water twice, then serve into cups. Add some milk or milk substitute into the well-brewed leaves to your taste. Then stir the tea and allow it to cool slightly to about 106 degrees Fahrenheit before adding honey to the blend. Mix well and drink while hot.

This recipe for Pu-erh is slightly different than normal and has a very sweet, mellow and smooth character to give you sweet honeyed feelings, and is also great for protection against colds and the elimination of toxins in the body. Be sure when brewing Milk Pu-erh with honey that you wait until the tea has cooled to 106 degrees Fahrenheit, because too hot of water will damage all of the nutrients contained in the bee honey and Pu-erh tea.

As with many teas, Pu-erh tea is beneficial in many ways, helping you to lose weight, help with skin tone, and reduce stress in your life. However, because Pu-erh differs in many ways from other teas, Pu-erh tea is an especially good choice for protection of your stomach. If your stomach is not well, try drinking some Pu-erh tea to help balance your stomach.

For the best benefit to your body and health, drink tea every day for a refreshing and soothing experience that will not only taste delicious, but also helps your own well-being!

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  • How much tea leaves do I brew to one cup of water?

    • TeaVivre

      Thanks for your question.

      Actually, different tea and different brewing way needs different amount of tea leaves and water.

      For example, brewing pu’er tea with Chinese gongfu way usually needs about 7g tea and a Gaiwan or tea pot around 110-130ml. While with western way, it usually needs about 5g tea and 350ml tea cup.

      Besides, we have provide a recommend brewing way for each of our tea.

      Hope it is helpful for you.

  • I woulkd like to Know, how do you dry and store tea leaves ones you made First bew. SInce most of them can be brewed more than 10 times. Up to now I was letting them dry on small ceramic plate for next day and then just reused it.
    Also, what is best way of storing cakes?

    Thanks for advice

    • TeaVivre

      Thanks for your question.

      Generally, we don’t suggest tea lovers to drink the tea overnight, although there’s no harm, most of the nutrients contain in tea are almost lost, such as vitamin, protein, carbohydrate and so on. If you want to reuse it on next day, I think you can put it in the fridge.

      As for the storage of cake teas, such as pu-erh, its original package, carton, Zisha tea container are all good choice for it.

      Hope it’s helpful for you.

  • how many cups of Pu-erh tea should I drink per day for the effective of weight loss

    • TeaVivre

      Hi virginia,
      Thank you for your question. Usually we brew 10g pu erh tea a day. And then you can drink it as long as it still have taste and flavor.
      However everyone react different to tea, you need to pay attention to your reaction, and adjust the way of brewing tea accordingly.
      And puerh tea is only a drink, it is only a half of the weight loss plan, on the other half of the plan, you should take physical measures, doing exercises.
      Hope this is helpful to your concern.

  • Can I brew this tea on a gas stove ?? Boiling it on a pot. I usually boil it for 5 minutes. Is im doing the wrong way ? Or we only need to pour hot boiling water on the tea and let it for 10-15 second.
    Which is the correct way. After I boil the tea , the colour is quite black. I usually brew 5gm of tea with 250ml of water.

    • TeaVivre

      Hi zubaidah,
      Thank you for your question.
      Yes, you can brew a tea on a gas stove. However, this is not for tea. The substances of the tea will release very quickly, and then you can’t drink the tea many times.
      You can put the tea on the stove when you feel the taste of tea is not strong enough. And the high temperature will help release the taste, and you can still get the good taste.
      Usually we just brew a puerh tea with boiling water. Although the temperature may not 100 after several minutes, it is still hot. And you prefer the very high temperature tea liquid, maybe you can try Chinese brewing method with Gaiwan or Zisha teapot.
      Hope this is helpful to your concern.

  • I drink many cups of puer tean a day, some days as many as 10 macdonald coffee cup. I have no side effects whatsoever and feel good after drinking it. Is it ok long term to drink so much?

    • TeaVivre

      Dear John,
      Thank you very much for writing to us.
      I think 10 Macdonald coffee cup a day is a litttle bit more. Maybe now you feel comfortable but after a long time, it may affect your sleeping. So every day you can drink 5-8 cups a day. Furthermore, when your stomach is empty, please do not drink teas.
      Hope this is helpful for your concern.

  • Hi,
    What happen if I mix the puer tea with honey and make it a cold drink?
    Will the benefit will gone?

    • TeaVivre

      Dear Shaheeda,

      Thank you very much for writing to us. Honey can be added into pu-erh tea and be drank when it was cold. But, sugar is contained in honey, it will affect the benefit of Pu-erh.

  • what about tea bags? are they the same as your lose tea? do they have the same effect as loose tea?

    • TeaVivre

      As we know in the some market that the tea leaves they use for tea bags are low quality that the loose tea.

  • Pru

    I drank pu er tea and it kept me a wake for around 24 hours. What did i do wrong?

    • TeaVivre

      Do not drink heavy tea, do not too often, do not too much. Thank you.

  • Kay

    Once Pu-erh Tea is brewed, how long can it be stored in the refrigerator and still maintain its health properties for weight loss and cholostrol

    • TeaVivre

      Thank you for your question. When brewed a cup of Pu-erh, that’d better drink in one hour. Tea polyphenols and amino acid will oxidized if your tea is exposed to air too long. This will get lighter aroma and flavor than first brew.

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